Danger Zone

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  • When: 07/03/2021
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Mirage, nutmeg, Big Gulp(down range from Tally), One and Done, Tone Deaf(r) Felony, Bada Boom( r)Bobber(r), High Pitch(r), Inside Out(r), Yard Sale(r), Sandcrab(rr), Home Alone(rr),

14 pax or so showed up to try out a few new exercises this morning.The thought for the day…several actually, but the first was this: “It is a rare thing that people do the things they say they’re gonna do.” Light Watkins
Danger Zone was an interesting beginning to the day…some of the Pax intimated that they had never done so many side straddle hops before!?!? So here’s the Q.
SSH• the reacher• MP•LBAC•F/B…Hillbillies• Flutter Kick• Spider-Man Stretch• limp member…Randy’s (arms strait out. Up and down 12 inches)


DANGER ZONE: SSH squat every time there’s a danger zone.

3 cones: 5/10/15 burpees each cone and then lunges and 5/10/15 big boi sit ups.

Toy Soldiers for rest. 10 merkins at each end.

Two 100 yard dashes.

BEEP Test( negated)speaker failure.

Cut a flip. Duration of song
5 merkins. 5 big boy sit ups

Dirty Macduece
4 sets of 3 exercises. 12-4 count reps
Merkins. Squats. Flutter kick.
Run a lap. 4x around the playground.

Ciabatta…everyone picks an exercise…

COT. BOM. Prayers for non judgement of others.

“Your honesty isn’t letting people down. You’re letting God in.”

Always a good time leading the crew.

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