Merkin mania!

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  • When: 07/06/2021
  • QIC: Crotchless
  • The PAX: Feud, Crush, Sasquatch, Crotchless

Four PAX braved the humid gloom at Asgard to enjoy a merkinfest beat down today.


merkin mile- run one mile but stop to perform 25 merkins every 1/4 mile. Total 100 merkins at the end of one mile

The Thang

Merkin jacks- ration of 1:4 of merkins and plank jacks up to 5/20, then back down the ladder

25 dips

Merkin wipes- go to low merkin position (do not rest on ground) then move body over to R hand as if to wipe your nose on your hand, then over to L hand.  That’s 1. Rinse and repeat. 2 sets of 10 performed

20 alternating shoulder taps in plank

Mucho chesto- 2 rounds

25 dips

Worst merkin Ever- 10x

alternating shoulder taps x 20

Sidestep merkin- start in high merkin position then move L arm and leg out to the side while going down to perform a wide merkin on that side.  Return to normal high plank then repeat to the R side. That’s 1.  Total of 10x

End with 4 minutes of Mary- LBC’s x 20, reverse crunches x 20, flutter kicks x 15, Freddie Mercury x 15


prayers for Talen, Kennedy, Todd


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