Road Trip to the Ancient City

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  • When: 07/23/2021
  • QIC: Saigon Sam
  • The PAX: DDay, Bert, Firefox, PruneTang, Gizzard, Hey Big Papi, Wasted, Septum, Firebird, Laces, Speedo, Gaylord

12 Pax joined YHC at the Castillo De San Marcos in St Augustine.  A beautiful moon lit, humid morning was perfect setting for a workout of F3 Jax and F3 Alpha Pax.  Speedo had reached out via the nations downrange Slack channel and came to discover 2 more alpha pax (and FNG Gaylord) were also vacationing in St Augustine beach area.  We had a quick conversation on Monday at HardNocs and came up with the idea of meeting at the 17th century stone fortress.  A group of us jumped in the Wasted clown car and headed down for the 0600 start.  YHC took the Q but it was a peer led rotating workout as we toured the oldest city in the US!

After some brief introductions and count a rama we began with a Warm Up:

SSH 15XIX, Hillbillies 10XIC, LBAC forward and back 10X IC each, Michael Phelps 10XIC, Down Dog into Valdez into Peter Parker back to Down Dog.

Let the tour begin!  We started the mosey and stopped along the way for a variety of exercises as each Pax took a turn leading the beatdown.

YHC called out a Bearcrawl down an alley near the Oldest Wooden School House (200+years old) we went 50 yard approx.  quickly realized that gloves would have been good but hey the urine and foot traffic can only help build up our immune system!

Wasted called out 5 Burpees OYO, again in the iron filled streets.  Hey it rained last night right?

Speedo called out 25 Hand release merkins, well now we just don’t give an F about cleanliness.

Bert ran us over to a gazebo on Flagler campus and called out 15 spider man merkins.

Firefox called out 15 stepups each leg as it looked perfect with the benches for each pax.

D-Day followed up with 20 dips as he was willing to do anything to delay more moseying.

Gizzard took the helm and ran us to the Lightner Museum and called out 25 reverse crunches before we moseyed again.

Laces called out 7’s -(1 rep, 6 reps…2/5 etc)  one curb decline merkins bearcrawl opposite curb incline merkins ( these hurt after we got to 3/4).  Laces and his brother Firebird wore matching yellow sweats and had those crazy smiles that only wrestlers have.  It didn’t take long for them to make a connection to our consummate “Kevin Bacon” PruneTang who is only 3 or so people away from knowing everyone in the Southeastern United States.  Seriously, PT knew their Dad who was a long time wrestling coach up in GA.

FNG Gaylord took the lead and ran us to a parking lot and had us do something like Smurf Jack’s 10 reps but much weirder for some reason.  We all looked like we were doing some kind of funky war dance and YHC was happy to move on.

Firedrill ran us to another parking lot and had us to 20 Bonnie Blair’s as 2 older women heckled us from the balcony.  One of them said she would like to do a different type of exercise with PruneTang and we had to get him our of there!

Septum the led us down another alley past a bunch of cool historic homes stopping at the Ximenez-Fatio House Museum (historic home) to call out 20 slow low tempo squats.  At this point the humidity was kicking in and all were drenched.

We turned over to Hey Big Papi who led us to the Historic St Augustine Sea Wall and called our 20 LBC’s and 20 Diamond Merkins as he couldn’t make his mind.  On a side note, Big Papi was struggling with achilles pain but kept moseying throughout as only a Marine would!  Ooh Rah!

We moseyed to the Bridge of Lions and we passed some homeless folks on the benches waking up to a beautiful sunrise over the Matanzas river.  A homeless lady yelled at the group “get those knees up soldier”and then Wasted began to EH her and gave her my number just in case she has any F3 related questions.  YHC had to remind Wasted that, while we appreciate his enthusiasm to spread the word and help us launch a new AO in St Augustine, F3 is open to all men but not women.

We then organized for a Native American run over the bridge. Upon reaching the other side we did wall sit while raising the roof in cadence and we  did some Derkins with feet up on the high wall for good measure before the jaunt back.

On the mosey back to the fort we did some cool down and mobility exercises.  Once we arrived at the Fort the Pax had one last mission…charge up the hill to reenact an attack of the Castillo De San Marcos screaming like Braveheart.

After count a rama, name a rama, we named the FNG Gaylord.  Another male nurse but Focker was taken.  He told a story of putting his foot at his mouth at his first job asking a paraplegic to take a walk with him which definitely sounded like something Gaylord Focker would say!

Announced Tackleberry memorial ruck and closed with prayers for the men traveling home to Atlanta area with their families!

HardNocs crew stopped for a coffeteria at the Bagel shop in Palencia on the way home and the Mumblechatter continued with DDay closing out the morning with an angry sounding pre-back blast of his own  that sent us scrambling to the vehicles!

Great time and we will definitely do it again soon!  The ancient city needs a shovel flag planted as it has the potential to become one of the coolest AO’s in the Nation!

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