The Countdown

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  • When: 07/31/2021
  • QIC: Extinguisher
  • The PAX: Extinguisher, Lifo, Heisenberg, Septum, Shock Treatment, Rosin Bag, Brexit, Jello, Boucher, Bernie4Points,Pud

11 Pax posted in the gloom and high uncut wet grass at Anchor for a Cindy beatdown. We were also blessed with a Kotter Jello who returned back some time after being first named.



SSH x 15


Don Quixote x 10

Reachers x 10

The Thang:

5 cones 20 yards apart(100 yds). One exercise at each cone with Cindy with a walking lunge (varied w/ side lunges also) to next cone. Pax to perform 10 reps at each cone run back to start with Cindy and perform 9 reps, rinse and repeat 8,7,6,5 etc.. The exercises were the following:

Cone 1  Blockees

Lunge 20 yds

Cone 2  Bicep Curl to Press

Lunge 20 yds

Cone 3 Inchworm(feet on block) with Derkin

Lunge 20 yds

Cone 4 KB swings

Lunge 20 yds

Cone 5  BBBSU

Run to start rinse and repeat 9 reps, 8, 7, 6, 5, etc..

Hero’s were Heisenberg, Lifo and this YHC for getting down to 3 reps before calling it. Mosey to flag.




Prayers request


BTW: I am investing into a boombox









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