Tragedy of the Commons

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  • When: 08/09/2021
  • QIC: Left Turn
  • The PAX: Chain Gang, Jock Strap, FNG Shooter, Smashmouth, Brown, Snowden, Sushi, Narco, Wasted, City Slicker, Bada Boom, Retread, Mervin

HYC welcomed 14 PAX to the not so gloomy Nocatee Welcome Center. A few HIM were running late, but none because of the prior beatdown at Badlands. Not a one doubled down today. Saigon Sam must have put on a good one!


We are a men’s leadership group who gets together to better ourselves so that we can better our communities.


The topic for today’s session is consumption and contribution.


Who is familiar with the tragedy of commons? 


The tragedy of the commons is a problem in economics that occurs when individuals neglect the well-being of society in the pursuit of personal gain.


Simply put people over consume without any contribution back into the  greater good.


I believe that men have become more consumers of society than contributors. We often over indulge, escape responsibility, and take the easy way out.


The question to ponder while we work out today is, where are you over consuming, and under contributing?


Warm up


Limp member

High reach

Down dog


Peter parker l/r

Pigeon l/r


Stair Lap


Hill Billy

Toy Soldier

Michael Phelps

Side Straddle Hop




5 x 10

Bicep Curls

Big Boy Situps

Tricep Extensions

Flutter Kicks

Lateral Raises



8 Minute AMRAP


10 Merkins

10 Deadlifts

10 Squats


Stretching and Cool Down

Consumption and Contribution


Where are you consuming more than you’re contributing? Do you read leadership books but not mentor anyone? Do you have skills but not teach them to anyone? Do you get inspired but not be inspirational? Maybe you go to a workout group but never lead it.


The tragedy of the commons is happening all around us. It is not on someone else to contribute to keep everything going. It is on us. We need to step up in our communities and contribute.




Welcome FNG Shooter. It may have been self named but it was delivered with confidence and gumption!


Lord I pray for the strength to lead in this community. The courage to pursue your will. And the wisdom to seek your plan. May God bless over us as we contribute to our communities.

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