9-11-2021.. 20 years

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  • When: 9/11/2021
  • QIC: Prunetang
  • The PAX: d day(r),smashmouth,shooter, Deuce, Mervyn, Tackelberry, Sofa, Airbags(r), Saigon Sam (r) Terminator, Sous, Narco, Left Turn, Gizzard, Road Rage, Baywatch, Valdez, Wasted

19 pax came out to remember that awful day in 2001. Also to get a little fitness in while we were at it.

Warm up;

9 rounds of stair runs


9 reps various stretches/exercises

11 Merkins

x 5

The Thang:

20 burpees

9/11 curb to curb:

9 Merkins (run to other curb)

then 11 squats (rinse and repeat for 10 rounds)

Circle up:

365 days of Prunetang

each pax call out an exercise for 10 reps.

This was repeated until we reached 365 reps ( 1 year of F3 for Prunetang)


Moment of silence for those that lost their lives on September 11th, 2001

Pledge of Allegiance


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