Avoid the 2nd Arrow

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  • When: 10/04/21
  • QIC: Deuce
  • The PAX: Allstate, Old Glory, Sous, Terminator, GNC, Mulligan, Gizzard, Tackleberry, Wasted, Bloomer, Sofa, Rawlings, Dollar Bill

13 Pax joined YHC on a Monday morning for a beatdown promised to  feature all the favorites including  merkins, bear crawls, burpees and sprints. The message offered was based on a Buddha teaching “In life we can’s always control the first arrow. However the second arrow is our reaction to the first. The second arrow is optional.”

Warmup started at the flag with SSH x 10 IC, continued stopping at each light post along the way to the turn fields with additional exercises including The reacher x10 IC, LBAC F/B x10 IC, DD calf stretch/PP 5X OYO, toy soldiers

The Pax enjoyed some tunes from artists they’ve never listened too. They greatly appreciated being exposed to new music.

The Thang

  1. 4 corners of merkins. Left goal line 5 HR merkins, mosey to R goal line -10 diamond merkins, sprint diagonal 50 yard line – 15 shoulder tap merkins, mosey to R 50 yard line – 20 wide merkins, sprint back to beginning.  (3 rounds)
  2. Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear 11’s. Goal line<>10 yard line, begin 1 squat – 10 plank jacks
  3. Route 66 back to flag with burpees increased by 1 rep at each lit, lightpost – 7 total  – 28 burpees total

COT – Prayers offered GNC witnessing cardiac arrest of a 16 year old at a trapeze park  – prayers for the family of this child, F3 10 year and Virtual Boston Marathon this weekend – support HatTrick, Thumper and others, Sign up to Q – Saturday openings




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