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  • When: 10/04/2021
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Penguin•House Party•Inside Out•Slash•Outhouse•Saigon Sam•Bada Boom•Sandcrab•Rudy

Ten beasts showed up to launch the Pool Party 2 AO…as Slash pointed out, we were blessed with a beautiful crescent moon and a dewy turf.
There was a lot of mumble chatter about the Wildcats triumph over the Gators … to no avail. It was time for the BIG BLUE NATION to triumph after 30 plus years of frustration..
The respecters have a hard time sleeping, so it was a bunch of us frolicking in the field and splashing in the pool.

Warm up
MP •15. LBCFB•15 SSH•15 Reacher•10 Hillbillies •15 flutter kick •15 hello dolly •15 Spider-Man stretch•10

Mosey to the pool. Jump in…
3 exercises. 10 each. Squats run up to edge of pool. 10 dips. 10 flutter kicks. 10 dips. 10 merkins. 10 dips
Out of pool• step ups for the length of song…
Mosey to basketball court. Straight suicides…5 x.
Mosey to circle.
10 bear crawls out. 10 big boi sit ups
20/20 30/30
Hop skip and jump the width of the field to finish it off.
COT BOM. Prayers for friends and family. Always fun to get going on a Monday morning. 12 more left in the year.

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