I Won’t Back Down

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  • When: 10/20/2021
  • QIC: GNC
  • The PAX: Rawling, Sofa, Prunetang (R), Terminator, D-Day (R), Tackleberry, Full Monty (R)

7 Brave PAX joined YHC in the gloom this morning for a good old fashioned Partner Block Beatdown
Today just happened to be Tom Petty’s DOB, so the message today was “I won’t back down” (Also, not surprisingly, Prunetang won the quick trivia round, as he actually knew that Tom Petty was from Gainesville and was in a band called Mudcrutch before he was with the Heartbreakers.)

Before recording Full Moon Fever, an arsonist burned down Tom Petty’s house while he was in it with his family and their housekeeper. They escaped, but Petty was badly shaken and spent much of the next few months driving between hotel rooms and a rented house.

It was on these drives that he came up with many of the songs for the album; the fire was a huge influence, especially on this song. Petty felt grateful to be alive, but also traumatized – understandable considering someone had tried to kill him.

“I Won’t Back Down” was his way of reclaiming his life and getting past the torment, and continuing on to record more hits.


Tom Petty Quote: “I'll stand my ground and I won't back down...”

When we face things in life that test our Morals, Don’t Back Down

When we face situations in life that Challenge our Faith, Don’t Back Down

When  we face opposition that Threatens our Freedoms, Don’t Back Down


The Warm Up

  • SSH – IC – 10
  • Don Quixote – IC – 10
  • Australian Snow Angels – IC – 10
  • Michael Phelps – IC – 10
  • Little Baby Arm Circles Fwd. – IC – 10
  • Little Baby Arm Circles Bkwd. – IC – 10
  • Chinooks – IC – 10
  • Finkle Swings – OYO – 10 Each Leg
  • Catalina Wine Mixers – IC – 10

The Thang – DIEGO

Diego (Dora the Explorer’s cousin) – Similar to Dora 1, 2, 3 but much tougher… Same partner situation but the exercises are as follows:

  • 100 – Alternating Block Merkins
  • 150 – Overhead press w/ block
  • 200 – LBCs
  • 250 – Block Curls for Girls
  • 300 – Goblet Squats w/ Block

Partner 1 does reps of each movement while partner 2 runs a full lap around the parking lot, then FlapJack when partner 2 returns to base. It worked out to be 1,000 reps per team and I clocked just under 2 miles of running on the watch.

This was brutally long and only gave us a few minutes of cooldowns before COT


To stretch out the legs….. PAX split into two 2 groups and lined up facing each other at roughly 25yds apart:

  • Group 1 was to hold the Al Gore ” Squatted Tree Hugger” position while Group 2 advanced towards them while doing Lieutenant Dans (Standing Squat, with 2 single-leg forward lunges ).
  • Once Group 2 reached Group 1, they switched and Group 2 held the Al Gore, while Group 1 Lt. Dan’d 25 yds back to the other side.


Announcements: F2 Happy Hour tonight @ Palm Valley Outdoor 5-7 pm

Prayers Requests: Snaggle & Family


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