Block 11’s

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  • When: 1/19/22
  • QIC: Deuce
  • The PAX: Valdez, SS R, Hat trick, Wasted, GNC, Gizzard, Prunetang R, Terminator, Mulligan, Motor boat, Allstate, Bada Bing, Dollar Bill

13 Pax greeted YHC for a cold humpday beatdown featuring a variety of block work. The message was a simple one “Keep moving forward.”


Mosey 1 big parking lot lap, SSH X10 IC, LBAC F/B X10 IC, Merkins x10 IC, DD calf stretch OYO, LM OYO, Mosey 1 big parking lot lap

The thang: carry your block to first parking lot, stop at first Island

Round 1: 1 derkin – 10 block curls, rifle carry between each 1st and 2nd island

Round 2: 1 overhead press – 10 plank jacks, run between 1st and 3rd island

Round 3. (abbreviated for time only 5’s) 1 BBS – 4 block squats, suitcase carry between 1st and 2nd islands, alternate arms

return to flag

COT/announcements – Kraken Saturday, dress appropriately 630 Ruck Launce, 700 Runners, continued prayers for Heisenberg, Aquaman/Tazz and family, SS neighbor battling cancer, unsaid prayers

Message today “Keep moving forward” 1 step a t a time, inspired by listening to the story of endurance athlete Tommy Rivers Puzey on Rich Roll Podcast. Tommy Rivs was training for a race in the Grand Canyon when he was struggling to breath and barely made it out alive, he thought he had a bad case of covid, only to to discover after multiple dr visits that he had an extremely rare and advanced form of lung Cancer. He was eventually in a medically induced coma for over 4 months, 7 total months in the hospital. Just prior to his illness he was competing in the US Olympic trial for the marathon with a PR of 2:18. 1 year after he took his first steps after his illness h completed the NYC marathon in an agonizing 9 hours. This was an emotional listen.

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