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  • When: 06/16/2022
  • QIC: Mr. Smooth
  • The PAX: Napster, Check Please, Terminator, Merwin, AirBags, Slash, Bada Bing, D-Day

9 PAX posted and completed the workout! The theme was gratitude. Mr. Smooth was VQ.

6:30am – 6:35am  Good morning. F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith and is open to all men of any fitness level. I am not a professional and do not know of any injuries that you all have. Please exercise at your own fitness level. 

Today’s lesson is on Gratitude – the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.  

The words appreciation and kindness are in the definition. Kindness is never out of favor nor is appreciation. I appreciate being with you all every time that I come to an F3 workout. The men in these workouts have expressed kindness towards me from Day One. 

 6:35am – 6:40am  Stretch/warm up in Cadence 

The Reacher 

Reach to the right, Reach to the left,  10 count each side 

Side straddle hops 

 6:40am – 6:45am  Mosey to the Spray parking lot 

The Michael Phelps 

The Hill Billy 

Downward dog 


Peter parker 

6:45am – 7:10am Mosey around Nocatee field 

Ladder drill high knees, then jog to cones (5 times through) 

15 Big boy sit ups 

20 Merkins 

25 Squats 

30 Mountain climbers, 2 is 1 

Mosey back to Welcome Center 

 7:10am – 7:15am Wrap up: Reminder of the theme of Gratitude. Find something every day that you are thankful for. 


Prayer requests? F3 is not a religious organization, but I am a Christian and will lead us in prayer 



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