Self Flagellation?

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The Pax were greeted with a fancy word…self flagellation. The exact quote, “self examination is not the same as self flagellation”.
In essence , it’s okay to review your performance but not okay to beat yourself up.
So, with time saved from having to Google what self flagellation was, the Pax got after it.

STRETCHING. SSH•15•the reacher•15•Don Quixote•15• LBAC•15F/B.•Hip Stretch•each side• flutter kick•10. Spider-Man stretch•4 down and back mosey •4
At each line, do 10 merkins

2 hallelujah’s

Bear crawl ladder
1-11…merkins. t bird of 66 merkins

1-11 lunge to each line; squats66

1-11 big boi sit ups. Reverse lunges66
Dealers choice. In counts of 26-16 to celebrate the score of the Kentucky victory over Florida.
COT BOM. prayers for Heisenberg, Noah, and Ian.
Always fun to get after it on a Monday morning

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