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  • When: 09/19/22
  • QIC: Oops
  • The PAX: Penguin, Brown, Maestro, Jobu, IO, Zamboni, Leonidas, Bada Bing, Left Turn, Recoil, Irish Goodbye, Gru, Forty

14 HIM braved the unfamiliar elements (clouds and a few raindrops) and were undeterred in the pursuit of improvement in descending upon HardNocs this morning, the 19th of September, 2022.

YHC was honored to lead on wedding anniversary #7, and thus the message was to be a better husband in order to be the leaders in our homes.  One way to do this is to lead by example and taking on the burden as the leader and man for your family.  This means striving not for 50/50 partnership in tackling the daily duties that come with running a family and a household.  Rather, strive to take 80% on your shoulders, and be the man who makes life easier for your wife.


SSH IC – LM OYO – MP IC – LBACF IC – LBACB IC – MC (Moroccan Nighclubs!) IC (50 total) followed by Randys IC.  Completed the warmup with 20 Incline Merkins on the curb and mosey’d to the parking lot.

The Thang:

Sprint to the first island, 25 Merkins, jog back; sprint to the 2nd island, 50 squats, jog back; spring to the 3rd island, 75 monkey humpers, jog back; spring to the 4th island, 100 plank jacks, jog back. Rest.

Repeat the sprint/jog cadence with the following exercises at each station: 1st – 10 burpees; 2nd – 20 merkins; 3rd – 30 mountain climbers; 4th – 40 SSHs.  Mosey back to flag pole.

Back at the flag pole, every man on their 6 for leg lifts in cadence with Q calling up/out/together/down in a random and extended cadence with each down completing 1 rep.  10 reps total.

Cool down stretch.

Great effort by all and welcome back to Penguin after a brief absence.


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