The Heisenvergence

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  • When: 10/08/2022
  • QIC: Farah & Farah, Seatdown, Fixit, Jumanji, Bowzer
  • The PAX: Bag Boy, Penguin, Fifty-cent, Pink Panther, Mr. Woodchuck, Focker, Rainman, Bing, Full Monty, Farah & Farah, Jumanji, Snuffleupagus , B for Bert, JOBU, Blockbuster, Shock Treatment, Bowzer, Bobsled, Septum, Crop Duster, Animal, Flo, FNG, Outhouse, Fixit, FNG (Todd Cramer), Air Bags, Rawlings, Papa Smurf, Dollar Bill, Shirley, Six Mill, Botox, Son of Sam, Seatdown, Good Night Moon, Dial-up, Toxic, Synapse, Narco, The Barry Shinkoff, Stinky, Matlock, Onsie, Whip, Goggins, Tron, Wasted, Peg, Maxwell, Woodshed, CHiPs, Culpepper, FNG (Brett Shore), FNG (Ken ), FNG (Seth Stone), Hey Boss, Slash, D-Day, Hollywood, Gru, Bernie 4-Points, Sweetspot, Inside Out, Bloomer, Hat Trick, FNG (Wes Gables), Zamboni, Scarface, Extinguisher, Butcher, Watertight, Felony, Green Eggs, Sticky Rice, Pan Am, Xenu, Boucher, Mr. Magoo, Pyro, Big Bird, Pottymouth, Balut, Cousin Eddie, Thumper, FNG Hairball(David Combs), Ground Speed, FNG Belfort (Chris Kelly), Scholls, Mervin, Left Turn, Banjo, Seinfeld, Miss Daisey, Hey Big Papi, Updraft, Valdez, Shorthorn, Gizzard, Napster, Heist, Oui Oui, Ripper, Name Tag, LIFO, Toe Jam, Recoil, the Bus, Monthra, Feud, Doink, Terminator, Bada Bing, Saigon Sam

114 pax, including 7 FNGs springled in with a few Kotters, convened at F3 Jax’s newest Saturday AO, The Fort, to honor one of their own, a High Impact Man, Jeff McCrae, who was known affectionately in the gloom as Heisenberg. 

To start us off, Jumanji welcomed the pax to this special event; after all, Heisenberg was an HIM among HIMs.  His fingerprints could be found on just about everything F3 Jacksonville.  YHC felt Jumanji said it best when we said that there isn’t a man here today whom HB hasn’t impacted either directly or indirectly through someone who was impacted directly.   Today, as we all grieve in our own way, there may be tears, and there may be laughter, but for certain, there will mumble chatter, and we will do something hard.  Afterall, this is still F3, and to our Nan’tan emeritus, this one is for you:

COP (Farah & Farah)

  • Hillbillies x15 IC
  • Birth canals x15 IC
  • The Goofball x15 IC
  • SSH x15 IC

Mosey to the sideline for…

The Thang I (Farah & Farah)

My little pony!

  • Power skip while chanting “I’m a pretty pony!” (one of HB’s favorite chants) to opposite sideline then monkey humpers x20
  • Mosey back to starting sideline then merkins x20
  • Rinse and repeat

Line up in two lines for…

The Thang II (Seatdown)

Merkin Conveyor belt-

  • pax facing each other in plank and perform pattycake merkin, slide left
  • once pax reach the end, switch to the other side for continuous motion

Pax ability to follow directions made this is one look good on edited film…

Return to the middle of the field for…

The Thang III (Fixit)

HB epitomized remaining positive, staying faithful and encouraging others when dealing with adversity.  He was the embodiment of praising his Lord and Savior even in his storm. 

Fixit mentioned that Heisenberg battled cancer for 339 days. We were going to do something a lot easier- plank… for 3 minutes and 39 seconds.  Mumble chatter was a welcomed distraction from where YHC was planking…

Mosey to the goal post for…

The Thang IV (Jumanji)

Jumanji shared with the pax  a Blue Ridge Relay story involving Heisenberg.  HB gathered the pax in the COT, hugged each man, looked them in the eye, and told them that he loved him.  He felt many men were not courageous enough to tell another man that they loved him, show him that they love him and to show up.  We will carry on his memory on by living his example.

The Loving Dora 1-2-3

  • Partner 1- bear crawl to first cone, mosey to second cone then back to first cone, bear crawl to start
  • Partner 2 performs exercises until Partner 1 returns, then flap jack
  • Exercises:
    • Burpees x100
    • Squats x200
    • LBCs x300
  • At the end of each set of exercise- hug partner and let them know you love him

Time called by Qs to do…

The Thang V (Bowzer)

Saved a life, and still had fun.  Bowzer shared that he would not be alive today if it weren’t for his Shield Lock (Heisenberg, Jumanji, Seatdown, and Bowzer).  He also mentioned that HB always worked hard at beatdowns, but he also always had fun.  What can be more fun than grown men playing…

  • Leapfrog race- two lines of pax, each hoping that the man in front of them did not follow the Heisenberg dietary practice of Brussel sprouts and broccoli for dinner the night before a beatdown

Just when the pax didn’t think they could have any more fun, the Q’s added…

  • Tunnel of Love- three looooong lines of pax. Nothing else to add here but just pure joy.


Pax gathered around and gave T-claps to Heisenberg’s M Joye and 2.0s Gracie and Ellie for sharing their beloved husband and father with us.  Joye shared with the pax that Jeff always came back from an F3 workout a better man and that he truly loved his pax. 

Heisenberg not only challenged pax to live third, he lived third.  He gave to his church, he gave to his M and family, he gave to his pax, and he gave to his community.  He not only gave, he loved.  He told you he loved you, and he was not shy on dishing out Heisen-hugs.  To get a glimpse of his live, YHC highly recommends you read Jeff’s obituary.  He left an incredible legacy.

As evident by those in attendance, Jeff McCrea made an impact on many.  And for us, as an individual, and as a pax, to keep his legacy alive, we must make an impact on others.  Who are you going to inspire or impact in your concentrica? How are you going to Leave Right?  

Eternal rest grant upon Jeff McCrea and the faithfully departed oh Lord. Let eternal light shine upon him, and may he rest in peace.

We love you my friend. 

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