Subhop and Subshops…

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  • When: 10/26/2022
  • QIC: Everyone
  • The PAX: Goggins•Richard Simmons•Outhouse•Bloomer•Felony•Bert•Statue of Liberty•Prunetang •Valdez•3 Peat•Saigon Sam• Papa Smurf

12 Pax arrived in various styles of dress to the ubiquitous and eclectic Angie’s Sub Shop.
Valdez, looking very much like he was an extra in The Godfather, grabbed the orange seat at the head of the table and munched on some of Saigon Sam’s tater tots.
As luck would have it, the food was a little slow in arriving, but the sweet tea made the wait bearable.
This also allowed the Pax to create some incredible mumble chatter which shall remain at the table.
The favored sub was the Peruvian and the healthiest guy there…at least the youngest, ordered a salad(Goggins)…who does that?
After the food had been delivered and eaten, plans were already being laid for the next adventure. It seems that Valdez has a hankering for some healthy chow, so it looks like he will be organizing and leading our next adventure. …
Stay tuned to the second F channel and look forward to Valdez leading the charge. And if you missed it, you missed some fun. Cheers

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