Badlands – Hard Work 11-2-2022

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  • When: 11/02/2022
  • QIC: Rawlings
  • The PAX: Full Monty, Dollar Bill, Deuce, Wasted, Bada Bing, D-Day

7 HIM met in the foggy gloom known to us as The Badlands. As HIM we discussed how we should never shy away from hard work. Hard work doesn’t just take the form of physical exertion… it also takes the form of mental hard work, pride hard work, and relationship hard work. We are challenged every day to put in the hard work. It’s the hard work that keeps us strong for not only ourselves, but our loved ones, co-workers, friends, and society as a whole. I know the HIM I have met in this group never shies away from hard work and it is an inspiration.

Warmup – The Reacher-IC, Don Quixote-IC, Downward Dog-OYO, Peter Parker Left-OYO, Peter Parker Right-OYO, Plank Jack-IC, LBC-IC, SSH-IC

The Thang- Starting at the road we pace carried our coupon for 10 paces, followed by (1) Man-maker. Run to the light and return to the block.  Continue this process until we got to the light. The next exercise was the Shinook-IC. Continue with our pace carries, followed by (1) Man-maker and runs all the way over to bear crawl alley. Here we did our Man-maker and ran to the concessions dodging the sprinklers as best we could. 10-Arm Dips, 10-Inclined Merkins,-10-Step ups each leg. Return to the Blocks left in the parking lot. 10-bench press, 10-Curlz for the girlz, 10-block swings. 10 paces towards the concessions, (1) Man-maker. Return to the bleachers and repeat until we got the block to the concession building. From here we worked our way around toward the restroom stopping for the people’s chair. (Let’s not forget to continue with that man-maker as well). From here we worked our way back to the small lot stopping once more for a Man-maker and a run to the COT. Return to the blocks. Pace carry the blocks back to the COT where we started completing the circuit. We knocked out (5) more Man-Makers at the COT.

COR-7, NOR, Announcements, Prayer requests

It truly is an honor to lead. I encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and give it a go.

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