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  • When: 11/16/2022
  • QIC: Terminator
  • The PAX: Zamboni (r), Shawshank (r), D-Day (r), Baywatch, Motorboat, Deuce, Rawlings, Sofa

9 PAX gathered on a warm, 70-degree November morning.

Going in, the PAX knew there would be no running and no block work today.  But work we would do.

We warmed up, then did lots of stretching, band work and exercises.  Including: SSH, Michael Phelps, Merkins, The People’s Chair, Plank, Flutterkicks, LBCs, Mountain Climbers, Hello Dollies, American Hammers, Lunge and more.

Three days ago marked my 4th anniversary at F3 when I was an FNG at F3 Alpha’s Rubicon.  My F3 JAX 4-year anniversary is coming up on 11/28/22.  Today’s message: Consistency.  It’s like compound interest.  Just keep showing up and the results will be there.

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