HardNocs – Stronger than you realize 12-29-2022

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  • When: 12/29/2022
  • QIC: Rawlings
  • The PAX: Home Alone, Irish Goodbye, Wasted, D-Day, Tackleberry, Saigon Sam, Terminator, Oops, FNG- Taken, Maestro, Spaghetti Os, Motor Boat, 40, Toe Jam, Armstrong, Left Turn, Yardsale, Yuke, IO, Ponce, Nametag

21 PAX joined the QIC at HardNocs including one FNG (Welcome Taken). The weather was a welcomed change from the week before. The message is that we are stronger than we realize. With the new year coming in lots of HIM are trying to decide what they should do with the year. The challenge is set a goal. Be it a big goal or a micro-goal. Set a goal. Then go achieve it with no excuses. I know the power this group has when you lean into it. It’s incredible and it will change your life.

Warm-ups –  SSH IC, Michael Phelps IC, DD, PPL, PPR, LBC IC, Flutter Kicks IC, Hello Dolly IC,

The Thang –  We started with 10 rounds of “Curb Merkins” Basically grab some curb and do 5 Merkins with your left hand on the curb and your body parallel to the curb, 5 Merkins with both hands on the curb and your body perpendicular to the curb, 5 Merkins with your right hand on the curb and your body parallel to the curb, finish with 5 squats and air chair for the 6.  This added up to 150 Merkins and 50 Squats.

We then moseyed a .75 mile route around splash water park stopping for awkward Pickle Pounders IC, Monkey Humpers IC, and the Chinook IC. Finish the mosey back to the COT.

At the COT we did a round of 10 and a round of 5 Deconstructed Burpees. Finishing it up with a round of 7 full blown burpees. We ended the beat down with a good round of stretching.

Announcements – So many awesome things going on within our region. The Kraken signups are open (Seriously this is a fun event that will challenge you and make you feel so accomplished)  Gate River Run, Micklers NYE 8 mi run, group doing 75 hard together, New AO’s launching in the next couple weeks, F3E is in full swing and getting great turnout. If something is on your heart to do, just see Left Turn and take the reigns to do it. We love doing Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless things.

COR – 22, NOR, Announcements, Prayers

Solid work men.

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