Resist Passiveness, Hard Nocs, Saturday 2/18/2023

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  • When: 02/18/2023
  • QIC: Breeze
  • The PAX: Mr. Smooth, Left Turn, Armstrong, OOPS, GNC, Jobu, Wasted, Shooter, Maestro, Frocker, Nametag, Saigon Sam, Recoil, Bada Bing, Home Alone, Drainage, 40, D-Day, Foot Cheese, Rawlings

20 men posted in the gloom at Hard Nocs and welcomed one FNG, a foot doctor from Wisconsin now known as “Foot Cheese”. All men were welcomed and then the F3 mission, core principles and disclaimer were pronounced. YHC identified CPR certified men and held phone in case of emergency.

Warmup: 4×4 lap around the Nocatee Welcome Center (single line run with last man in line drops down to perform a “4×4”, 4 merkins and 4 mountain climbers, before sprinting to front of line)

The Thang: Breeze’s Big 4 Circuit Beatdown – PAX performed 2 sets of each circuit with a stair lap and 10 count recover in between. YHC borrowed heavily from F3 Vexicon to fill out these circuits (

  • Circuit 1: Plyo merkin (1o reps), Apolo Ohno (20 reps), Air squat (30 reps)
  • Circuit 2: Derkin (10), Plyo split squat (20), Air Drama (30)
  • Circuit 3: Broad Jump Burpee (10), Mountain Merkin (20), Fire Hydrant (30)
  • Circuit 4: Foxhole (10), Crunchy Frog (20), Aussie Snow Angel (30)
  • FINISHER: “Bring Sally Up” high plank to low plank hold for 3:30

Cool down and COT:
The theme today was on avoiding passiveness and YHC shared a cautionary tale about “Passive Peter”. Resist being the comfortable and easy-going feminized “nice guy” that our modern culture is pushing. Instead, do something and dare greatly. Be a better man for yourself and your family. Remember “passive men lead to pitiful lives.”

Announcements: Spartan 5K sign up ends 2/20, sign up for 3v3 basketball tournament

Prayer Requests/ Prayer / Pledge of Allegiance / Photo

It was my honor to lead this HIM-loaded PAX. Until next time, dare to be great.



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