Headed to the Beach.

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  • When: 02/25/2023
  • QIC: Papa Smurf(rr(
  • The PAX: Sluggo•Goggins•Felony•Dangerfield(FNG)Powerball•Bobber•High Pitch•Outhouse•Housekeeping•Circus Bear•(all Respecters) •3 Peat(rr)

As the QIC, I was having serious Q block when I received a phone call from 3 Peat .
“You cueing tomorrow?”
“Yep ..”
“What time is low tide ?”
“Don’t know..”
“Lemme check…5:30. Let’s go to the beach …”
And that’s how you get it done. Being surrounded by HIM’s who can lift you up and provide great ideas when yours suck …
Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
Today is a present.
11 regulars and 1 FNG(Dangerfield)… posted on a wonderful morning to mosey to the beach …

The Pax was revved up and ready to go…so we did.
It is a rare thing that people do the things they say they’re gonna do.”

SSH• the reacher• MP•LBAC•F/B…Hillbillies• Flutter Kick
Run. Stop at every light post…
5 merkins

Stop in parking Lot…Usain Bolt’s .
Run to corner….
20 monkey humpers OYO.
Mosey to the beach.
Once on the beach:
Lt Dan Taylor. 1 squat. 4 lunges and so on.

Bataan Bear Crawl: single file:
Last guy does 5 burpees; then runs and touches the last guy who does 5 burpees. Then runs to the front.
Some toy soldiers and karaoke and skipping line to line in the sand.
10 merkins at each line.
Mosey to corner.
MOSEY to parking lot: 3 sets of exercises led by 3 peat.
Mosey home. Mt climbers/ American hammers. Something else in the way home
Circle up. Stretching by Felony
COT. BOM. welcome FNG Dangerfield from Pretoria/and Connecticut .
Always a blast to hear the humor and laughter while working out..

“Your honesty isn’t letting people down. You’re letting God in.”

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