The Bricklayers

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  • When: 03/18/2023
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Gadot, Six Mill (R2), Crush, Sasquatch, Roddy, Animal

7 pax posting in the dark and gloomy morning in Fleming Island.  YHC had planned for a soggy beatdown as the forecast had called for thunderstorms.  He had to make a quick pivot as there was not a raindrop in sight and go with plan B.  B as in B-ball.  YHC was out to prove that Jax was more than a football town.  Not sure we were too successful with that goal. 

COP (aka Round 1)

  • SSH x64 IC (crowd pleaser)
  • LBAC forward/backwards x12 IC
  • Big arm circles forward/backwards x10 IC
  • Merkins x10 IC
  • Squats x10 IC

The Thang

 Round 2 – mosey to the playground for a 6-pack ladder of pull-ups and merkins

  • 1 pull-up + 5 merkins, 2 pull-ups + 4 merkins, etc. repeat at the top and make your way down
  • Indian run to the basketball court at the church parking lot
    • Pax in front must dribble b-ball

Sweet 16

  • Suicide- can’t go to a basketball court without doing these
    • Squats at the baseline 5,10,15,20,25
  • Passing Drills Part I
    • With partner, Updraft shuffle while practicing chest pass to partner
    • Up and back full parking lot lane
    • 2 burpees for total number of dropped passes 

 Elite 8

  • Layup drills- two rounds
    • Pax dribble baseline to baseline and perform layup right/left
    • 2 burpees for each missed open layup (16)
  • 3-point drills- two rounds
    • Pax dribble baseline to opposite 3-point arc right/left
    • 3 diamond merkins for each missed open 3-point attempt (21)
  • Passing Drills Part II (2 rounds)
    • With partner, advance from baseline to baseline with passes only and ball not touching the ground
    • Last pax to touch the ball performs layup
    • 7 burpees for missed layups + 1 dropped pass

 Final Four

  • Knockout- 2 rounds
    • While 2 pax shoot, rest of pax performing Bobby Hurley’s
    • Once eliminated, pax run laps around court
    • Winners named team captains for the Championship game

 Championship Game (4 on 3)

  • Team Six-Mill vs Team Feud
  • Six-Mill wins free throw battle for picking 1st and obtaining 4 to 3 advantage
  • Team Six-Mil crushed Team Feud in a 9-minute game of 21 with a final score of 10-4
  • Teams were supposed to do merkins with reps determined by 21 minus the final point totals, but Q wanted to get to the post-game festivities and forgot


  • Q reviewed elements of the COP/Warm-O-Rama
  • Dealer’s choice for those who have yet to have a VQ or have had infrequent Q’s


YHC reiterated his COT from Thursday, and encouraged newer pax to think about their VQ. Our mission is to plant grow and serve, small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Leading a group of men out here, will help you develop as a leader.  Regardless of how things go, the pax will have your back.  They will not let you fail.  For veteran Q’s, YHC encouraged them to always have a beatdown in their back pocket.  Be prepared to be substitute Q, as in this case, situation changes so you must pivot to a plan B. 

Thank you men for giving me this opportunity to lead.

Prayer requests

  • Ian and the Bailey family for current struggles with cold/cough
  • Safe travels for 2.0s (DNR, Feud) during spring break
  • DNR’s 2.0 as she prepares for the MCATs
  • Sasquatch’s friend Brian’s family following the passing of his father
  • Six-Mill’s son Mike struggling with suicide of his girlfriend years ago
  • Lord’s prayer
  • Pledge

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