Conquering Fear

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  • When: 04/03/2023
  • QIC: Yard Sale
  • The PAX: Inside Out, D-Day, Jobu, Leonidas, Zamboni, Knuckles, Check Please, Armstrong, Recoil, Oops, Spaghetti Os, Napster, Bada Boom, Left Turn


15 Side straddle hops

10 The Reacher

Limp Member

10 Don Quixotes (windmill)

10 Hillbillies

Arm stretches

==End Warmup==

The Thang:

Chinook Squats (three Circle chinooks, followed by a squat in cadence)

Circle Burp

Hands of time

Mucho Chesto- 10 x Merkin / 10 x Wide Merkin / 10 x Diamonds / 10 Stagger Merkin Left / 10 Stagger Merkin Right.

American Hammers

Peter Parkers

Mountain climbers

Dora 123 

(100 Carolina Dry Docks, 200 American Hammers, 300 squats, Run stair laps)


Karaoke L R

Derkins x 2

“Final Stretch” w Zamboni








To conquer fear, you must first be brave enough to look it in the eyes and see it for what it is.  Only then, can it be dismantled. This takes COURAGE.

Many people get stuck in the “avoidance” stage. We like to stay in our happy place and not look at difficult things.

But suppressing Fear makes it fester and manifest in other negative ways, emotionally and physically.  This is true at a Personal level and also at a Societal level.

Conquer fear by first shining light on it to see it, and taking action from a place of love, not hate.

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