It’s All About Perspective

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  • When: 4/22/23
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: Zamboni, Sweet Spot, Early Bird, Bowzer

I knew that this mornings beatdown would be lightly attended due to all the brouhaha going on downtown.

What was planned involved a tabata style circuit with 6 exercises. More to come.

I loaded up the Sherbet mobile and drove the 2.5 blocks to the park to set up. I was a freaking disaster. TRASH EVERYWHERE!!!

But before I could even unload I noticed by the playground a young couple. The woman asked if I was there for the men’s fitness day. Yes I was.

“Awesome! Do you have a water bottle for us?”  Sadly I did not. Ask Hey Boss what the water bottle was for.

I unloaded the implements and drove back home to get some trash bags. (NOTE: We need to plan for this going forward)

Zamboni arrived shortly after and we picked up a lot of trash. Early Bird and Sweet Spot showed up and we kept going until:

Time was called and we did the Warm up

Take 5 minutes and finish the pickup. We have to leave the park better than we found it, and we did.

SSH: 10 IC (Note: this is Early Birds favorite exercise.

Goofballs: 10 IC

Reachers: 10 IC

The Thang:

45 Seconds of Work followed by 20 seconds travel/rest to the next station.

  1. Battle Rope
  2. Medicine ball V-Ups
  3. Jump rope
  4. Sandbag/Cindy deadlifts or OH press
  5. Atlas Ball Toss
  6. Tire flips

We did two rounds of the above. During the first round, I realized that my tabata timer was ALL JACKED up. And 20 seconds is way too long of a break.

The Thang 2


100 Merkins

200 Squats

300 LBC’s

We realized that Early Bird sometimes mistakes SSH for Merkins and he admitted that he needs to learn this lingo…..But he crushed it with Zamboni.

The Thang 3

4 Corners. Each Pax Came up with an exercise .

Corner 1. SSH (Early Bird

Corner 2. Carolina Dry Docks (Zamboni. This blew Early Bird’s mind)

Corner 3. Squats (Sweet Spot)

Corner 4. Bobby Hurley’s (Moi)

Karioke on the long way, Bear Crawl the short way. 20 reps each corner- times 2

Thang 4


Miss a shot and everyone does 10 squats.

Pretty much all we did.


Prayer request for Jim – Zamboni’s friend that is sick and my nephew Wiley. Convergence next week.

Words- Its all about how you look at things. My nephew is in the hospital with a chest tube, but is probably going to go home this weekend, but his outlook is 100% negative. Contrast that with how Ian lived his life during his 4 year battle.

Prayers and pledge.

Thank you gents!!

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