Feud Remembers the Jacksonville LEAP a Little Differently

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  • When: 04/25/2023
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Roddy (R), DNR (R), Bartles & Jaymes, Sasquatch, Crotchless, Gadot, Baywatch (FNG)

8 pax chose to do the hard thang and posted in the gloom of Asgard and join YHC in celebrating another year of F3 Jacksonville.  It was 8 years ago that a group of men hopped into a clown car in Columbia, SC and Charlotte, NC, to bring this gift called F3 to the unsuspecting men of Jacksonville.  Looking back, YHC was inspired to re-do the first ever F3 beatdown in NE Florida, but knowing we are better than what we were then, he added a few wrinkles to the original. Welcome FNG Tom Brookes, aka Baywatch!


  • SSH – 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers – 15 IC
  • Little Arm Circles – 20Forward/20Back IC
  • Big Arm Circles- 10 Back/10 Forward IC
  • Merkins – 10 IC
  • LBCs – 15 IC
  • Burpees – 5 OYO (this is where YHC first learned what a burpee was, and that he was not to fond of them)

The Thang

This is where YHC first learned what a bear crawl was, and that he was not too fond of them. 

Field Work 1: Heavy Ark-Loader

  • Louisville honey pot (bear crawl while advancing your coupon) to first cone and back
  • Murder bunnies to first cone and back

Playground Work: 

  • 2 rounds of:
    • Butkus x30 sec
    • Pull-ups x10
    • Rocky Balboas x30 sec
    • Pull-ups x10
  • 8’s for our 8th anniversary
    • Jump squats at baseline
    • BBSU at far cone

Field Work 2: Cindy Circuits

  • Circuit 1: Rifle carry cone to cone
    • 1st cone 10 irkins
    • 2nd cone 5 blockbees
    • 3rd cone 10 irkins
    • 4th cone 5 blockbees
    • Rifle care back to start.
  • Circuit 2: Isometric bicep curl cone to cone
    • 1st cone 10 Big Boy Sit-ups with coupon
    • 2nd cone 10 (4-ct) Flutter kicks with coupon overhead
    • 3rd cone 10 Big Boy Sit-ups with coupon
    • 4th cone 10 (4-ct) Flutter kicks with coupon overhead
  • Suicide: 5 goblet squats each return to the baseline


T-claps to our FNG- Baywatch, for enduring this enhanced version of the inaugural F3 Jacksonville beatdown as his first F3 beatdown.  Nice work!

For YHC, it is hard to believe that it has been 8 years since he was introduced to F3.  While to some, he may seem like an ole wiley veteran of F3, YHC feels he is still learning what F3 has to offer.  And he isn’t wrong.  As we have all heard and hopefully have learned: there is no plateau.  You are either climbing that mountain, or sliding down that mountain.  You are either accelerating or decelerating in your fitness, your relationships, your leadership, whatever.  And the beauty of it all is that you don’t have to go about it alone because you have a pax ready and willing to help you when you are down.  Aye! 

  • Announcements
    • Anniversary Convergence this Saturday April 29th, 7 AM at Boondocks
    • Hula Hustle 5K May 6th
    • Memorial Day CSAUPs
      • Murph at Asgard
      • The Fallen at F3 First Coast
    • Prayers
    • Pledge




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