Pokorny Hero WOD

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  • When: 6/13/2023
  • QIC: Doink
  • The PAX: Pottymouth, Grizwold, Loudmouth, McFly, Mr Magoo, Butcher, Pan Am, CAD, Mr. Woochchuck, Fixit, Fifty Cent

“It’s not the heat, it’s the Gloomidity” 


Boy was it a gloomitidy filled morning at Thunderdome…

12 Pax showed up for a cindy-less Hero WOD dedicated to SSG Andrew Pokorny who paid the ultimate sacrifice 2o years ago this day — June 13, 2003.

Introduction made, disclaimer given, brief bio of SSG Pokorny for whom this beatdown is dedicated and we’re off…


Mosey — about 2/10 of a mile and circle up


Michael Phelps x 10 IC

LBACF/B/Morrocan Nightclub x 10 IC

Reacher x10 IC

Mosey back to flag/pavilion for start of WOD


3o minute timed AMRAP — go through the exercises and rinse/repeat each round until time is up:

3 Burpees

6 Ankle Touch Jump Squats

13 Perfect Merkins (hand release merkin with alternating shoulder taps at the top)

30 WWII Situps

3 Burpees

~.25 mile run

Timer finished still had about 4 minutes of F3 time — so 3 minutes of Mary Tabataish

circled up around the flag:

45 seconds flutter kicks — rest 15 seconds

45 seconds V ups — rest 15 seconds

45 seconds birth canals — time up

Details about SSG Andrew Pokorny:

Army Staff Sgt. Pokorny was assigned to 3rd Air Defense Artillery, 3rd Armor Cavalry Regiment, Fort Carson, Colorado. On the way back from patrol, Pokorny’s M113 armored personnel carrier threw a track and went over a 4-foot drop-off on the side of the road in Al Asad, causing the vehicle to roll over. One soldier was tossed toward an open hatch where he could have been crushed as the 25-ton vehicle rolled onto its top. Pokorny blocked the hatch, saving the soldier’s life at the cost of his own. Andrew was on the wrestling team all four years in high school. He joined the Army at 17 after graduating from Naperville North High School in 1990 and began his career as a mechanic serving six months with the Army Rangers in Mogadishu, Somalia, in 1992. He loved the camaraderie of being a soldier. Andrew was always involved in his children’s lives, coaching soccer games and chaperoning field trips. He was a very outgoing, friendly person. The most important thing to him was his wife and his children. Andrew had a tattoo over his heart, which paralleled his life – Superman. His wife Martha and three children survive him.

Count off, Name-o-rama

Announcements/Prayer Requests

The Farm is hosting a pre-fathers day BBQ Saturday 17 June — would be good to get some pax out for fellowship, volleyball, hanging out

Prayers for Botox healing after surgery, Magoo’s M and eye issues and 2.0 Cheech struggling with feeling stuck and down. Prayers of thanksgiving for F3, opportunity to lead, this day and more and prayers for the Gold Star families, such as the Pokorny’s who feel the pain of these anniversaries. 

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