HardNocs – Rawlings -2 years with F3

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  • When: 07/15/2023
  • QIC: Rawlings
  • The PAX: Mayday, Fracker, The Breeze, Spaghetti O’s, JOBU, D-Day, Gru, Armstrong, Name Tag, Solar, PopWarner (FNG)

12 HIM came together at HardNocs including one FNG. Welcome PopWarner. Today was my second year anniversary with F3. To date I have dropped 40 pounds, gained a ton of confidence, a ton of strength, and a ton of endurance. F3 works. All three Fs in my life, Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith are exponentially better than they have ever been in my adult life. It has changed my life and for that I am forever grateful.

Warmup – Downward Dog, Peter Parker L and R, The Reacher, 5 Burpees, SSH, Handwalk Plank, The Hillbilly, 5 Burpees, Bobby Hurly, Sumo Squats, Squirming Turtle, 5 burpees, Mountain Climber, Plankjack, LBC, 5 burpees

mosey to the fields stopping for LBAC, and BAC

The Thang – 4 corners, Merkins, Big Boy Sit-ups, Seal Jacks, Up Down Planks, while doing the workout one pax from each cone ran to the middle, the 4 pax in the middle had to come up with their own dealers choice and perform 5 in cadence. Then return to their cone and switch with another pax. Once all pax have performed in the middle we bear crawl rotate to the next cone. From there we moseyed over to the 20 yard football drill. Pax formed 2 teams and lined up behind one cone. The front pax went to the other cone 20 yards away. The pax at the front of the line throws the football to the pax 20 yards away. Once caught the pax sprints to the cone while the other pax runs the ball back to the line and hands it off to repeat. The line that completes first wins. After 6 rounds of this we moseyed to the big football field for some ultimate football. On any dropped ball or turnover all Pax did 1 burpee. From there we moseyed to the pull-up bars where all pax did 3-5 pull-ups. From there we made our way back for the COT stopping once for the people’s chair and finishing with some speed work.
COR, NOR, Naming of the FNG, Announcements, Prayer, Pledge, Pic

This group has changed my future. I know it will change yours as well.



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