Cindy and Sandy on the Beach

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  • When: 07-22-2023
  • QIC: Tron
  • The PAX: Ponce, Geyser, No Brakes, No Agua, Centerfold (DR from Chattanooga)

While spending family time on St Aug Beach, I was graciously invited to Q at Wildwood AO.  First time visiting Wildwood, and it was on the beach, so I opted for a Cindy/Sandy beatdown.  No FNGs, and one DR pax from Chattanooga (Centerfold).  Awesome!


SSH, Don Quixote, Chinooks, Big Arm Circles, Reacher, Willie Mays Hayes, 10 penalty burpees, 200m mosey


Armageddon (Arm workout)

BUY-IN: 50 Merkins

6 rounds of:

10 skull crushers

10 floor/bench press

10 OH press

10 bicep curls

10 bent over rows

various runs and lunges (Q’s choice)

Cash Out: 50 merkins (I ACTUALLY FORGOT THIS!!)




10 lunges (2 ct)

10 flutter kicks (4 ct)

10 mountain climbers (4 ct)

10 V-Ups

various farmer and shoulder carries, with a bear crawl thrown in

COT — Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama, Announcements, etc.  I played a 2 minute audio that I found on social media from another F3 region, that encapsulated the essence of F3.  I encouraged these newer pax to grow their AO, which opened January 7 this year, as the possibilities in STA are endless.

It was an honor to be present with and lead the HIMs of Wildwood AO.  I hope to return soon!

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