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  • When: 08/28/2023
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Goggins Ladies Room. The Judge/r High Pitch/r 3 Peat/r

Humidity and mumble chatter dominated the turf this morning…one Pax noticed that a newish Pax member had purchased new shoes…
“That means you’re a lifer!, and that’s how you grow the Pax.
Warm Up: Grady Corn fail…usual stuff

The Thang:not done in this order.

Dan Taylor. 1 squat 4 lunges 2 squats 8 lunges. Length of field
Jack Webb 1 merkin 2 raise the roofs. Until it’s 10/20
Flyin Nun. Lunge walk to midfield while doing little baby arm circles…
Field. Dolly to
Ab exercises. From athlean x
Heals to heaven 45 seconds
2. Heels to heaven..45 seconds
1. Seated knee tuck drag 45 seconds
2. X man crunch 12
3. Alternating thread the needle…10 each side
4. Alternating Jack knife. 45 seconds
5. Stationary bike crunch position knees at 90 degrees. 30 seconds
6. Power up… lay flat. Knees up and hands over head 45 sec
7. Seated high twist.
8. Sunrise sit up…45 sec

Griff. Run 2 lengths of field. Lap 3 backwards. 2 more forward. 1 more backward
Prayers for those in need and those absent today…reach out and help someone today.

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