It’s good to feel safe

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  • When: 9/5/2023
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: Bowzer, Zamboni, Screwdriver, Poquito,Gekko,Jumanji, Bernie,Shock Treatment, P&R, Co2, Hot Pocket, Toxic,Big bird, Brexit, Side Chick, Sewer Pipe

It was quite a day at Anthill this morning.

16 Pax gathered in the gloom for a post Labor day beatdown. It remarkably less humid.

Toxic said he almost forgot my name.

at 5:30 I circled everybody up and decided to start things off a little bit different. After disclaimer I asked everyone to look to their brother on the right and say “it’s good to see you this morning”. Then, turn to your brother on your left and tell them that you love them. I wanted everyone to feel safe this morning.

I also instituted a new rule, for today’s beat down. A five Burpee penalty will be imposed for any mean utterances. Gekko decided to test the rule so we did five Burpee‘s right off the bat. Brexit added another five.

Warm up

Imperial Walkers x 10

Lbacf x 10

Lbacb x 10

The Thang

I announced that today’s workout would be a Pearls on a String beat down, with a twist. I introduced “The Ball of Empowerment”. whoever was holding the ball, got to pick the work out at each location with one caveat, you could not repeat an exercise. (this ruling was later questioned when Bernie called Burpees towards the end of the work out. When challenged, he changed it up to air blockees).

We  made several pitstops along the way to the San Marco Square and back. We did 5 penalty burpees in the parking lot of a law office when Bernie called out 50 X-Factors. Jumanji expressed his heart felt opinion about the stupidity of that exercise. Most felt it was a legitimate complaint but still mean spirited. Bernies face said it all.

I should note that on the run back someone bounced the BOE off my face knocking my glasses askew. It was mean, but sense I could not see who did it, no penalty burpees were imposed.

But we ended with 5 Burpees for Zamboni’s callous comment at the end.

Everyone got the opportunity to hold the Ball of Empowerment at least once. It was truly cathartic.


Prayers for the BRR teams and Superfly.



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