Always Remember

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  • When: 09/11/2023
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Ladies Room•Felony•Inside Out•3 Peat

Brian Sweeney was on Flight 93 out of Boston on this fateful day 22 years ago. When he knew that the plane was being hijacked and they were going to have to attack the hijackers, Sweeney called his wife and told her how much he loved her, and how he wanted her to have a great life when he was gone…the optimum word is LOVE.
Love what God has blessed you with, your wife, your kids, your job, and your life…it’s all a gift, just like it a gift to work out this morning .

Warm Up:
Limp Member•Arm stretches•MP•Don Quixote•Spider-Man Stretch•Toy Soldier. The Reacher
Mosey to the Playground:
9 merkins 11 LBC’s. Lap •7
Mosey to Skate Park
110 step ups. Same number of stories in the twin towers.
9 dips 11 merkins•6/7 not sure.
prayers for Ladies Room’s M who was closely impacted by 9/11…losing 3 close friends. Also pray for all the men hurt and sleeping in.
Always fun to lead in the heat.

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