Bridge Burning

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  • When: 09/27/2023
  • QIC: Delete Delete
  • The PAX: Fifty Cent, Pinto, Lax, Target, PanAm

6 Pax gathered at Gauntlet today with the hopes of jamming out to some Foo Fighters.  They were sorely disappointed when they realized it would be their legs and lungs burning from the bridge work the Q had in mind.

The Warmup

The Reacher, Broken Robot, Michael Phelps

We moseyed over to the pedestrian overpass bridge and began the real work.  This consisted of the following:

25 ankle touch squats – run up the bridge

25 merkins – lunge walk across the bridge span

25 side straddle hops – run down the bridge

25 plank jacks – run back up the bridge

We continued on in this fashion alternating bear crawls across the bridge span with the lunges until we had all reached a total of 100 reps of each of the above exercises.

Round 2 – same concept but with LBC’s, squat jumps, Carolina Dry Docks, and Alternating shoulder taps.  We only got about 25 or so reps of each of these before it was time to mosey back to the flag.  All together we traversed almost 2 miles from start to finish.

We finished with the Circle of Trust for COR, NOR, announcements and prayer request.  Heisenvergence coming up on October 7 at the Fort.  We talked about the difference between obedience and sacrifice and how God prefers our obedience over our sacrifices.  Look for ways in your life to apply this concept.  We ended with prayers for Target and Fifty Cent as they travel over the next couple of weeks.  Pledge to the flag and called it a day.

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