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  • When: 09242023
  • QIC: Saigon Sam
  • The PAX: Bada Bing, Bada Boom, Zamboni, PruneTang, Solar, Leonidas, Yard Sale, Ant-man, DDay, Elf on the Shelf, Brown, Pong and Recoil


YHC was greeted by 13 Pax on a beautiful Nocatee morning at HardNocs AO.  After welcoming the Pax, reading the disclaimer we started a mosey to the Spray Park.


Mosey to spray park.

  • Toy soldiers
  • open and close the gates

Mobility drills:

  • Side lateral shuffle (5 tempo squats)
  • High skip (5 tempo squats)
  • Forward shuffle (5 perfect merkins)
  • Back Defensive shuffle (5 perfect merkins)

Mosey to the Nocatee playground

The Thang:

  • Feet elevated merkins 10X
  • Step ups 10X each leg
  • Dips 20
  • Bulgarian split squats 10 each leg

Mosey to pull-up bars (bear crawl lunge walk on bridge)

Split into groups.

Group one rotates between pull-ups or chin-ups 5-7 reps

Group two does the following

  • Single leg deadlift 5 each leg, 10 merkins
  • Lunge forward and back 5 each leg, 10 merkins
  • Single leg skaters 10 each leg, 10 merkins
  • Side lunge 5 each leg, 10 merkins

Stopped on the mosey back for “The Booshay aka Mike Ryan” 10 static lunges each leg followed immediately by a wall sit with toes up both in cadence.  Crowd favorite!

Mosey back to welcome center


  • Heels to Heaven 20IC
  • Stationary bikes (crunch variation) 10IC reps
  • Flutter kicks 15IC


Message was from this week’s Qpoint 3.11 Contentment  which is the 4th of the 5 leadership virtues candor, commitment, consistency, contentment and courage.

Stability Of Emotion Engendered By The Continual Pursuit Of Joy Rather Than Happiness

Joy is the stainless steel of the soul

Contentment is the fourth of the five F3 Leadership Virtues. The Virtuous Leader seeks Contentment because he knows that his personal stability will have impact that resounds throughout each of the Groups he Leads. He knows that if he fails to govern his emotions under all circumstances his followers will lose confidence, not only in him but in the entire Group and its Mission.


When air traffic control tells a pilot there is heavy turbulence in his aircraft’s path, he doesn’t start yelling at his passengers “to take your seats immediately and cinch you’re your seatbelts if you want to live through what’s coming next!”–that would cause panic. Nor does he keep the information to himself, hoping that ATC was wrong or believing that it would be better for his passengers if they didn’t have to worry about the turbulence before they encountered it–that would erode Trust. Instead, he tells the passengers (in an even tempered voice) to expect some “choppy air”, but that he and the copilot will do their best to find an altitude that will ameliorate its effects as much as possible


  • Joy is the stainless steel of the soul
  • Rough skies make good pilots
  • Preparedness trumps Control

“Fortify yourself with contentment, for this is an impregnable fortress.” — Epictetus

Announcements – AlterEgo 10 miler this Saturday, H2HBC 10/21,  Charlotte Nant’an 5k to 50K fund raiser for adoption.

Prayers raised, pledge said, picture taken!

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