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This morning as I pulled into the park in complete darkness I sat for a few minutes, thinking if this was the last weekend of Pearl Jam. If no one else shows up then that is a clear sign that I need to fold it up?

But as I was setting up the cindy and the other implements, headlights pulled into the grassy area and Zamboni got out. Soon after that SuperFly pulled up.

Pearl Jam lives for another week. We did a brief mosey around the park as a warm-up, and then I laid out the instructions for the first part of the Beatdown down.

Thang Part 1:Monday WOD on Saturday

4 Rounds of:

Five pull ups

10 Merkins

20 V ups

30 Square

40 side straddle Hops

Run to the far end of the park and pick up trash on the way back

Thang Part 2 Dora- Zamboni style

While PAX one was running, Pax, two and three were doing either dumbbell squat thrusts, or Cindy curls, rotating among the exercises. After everyone had run, we changed up the exercises.men makers, Goblet Squats, Bigboy sit ups, dumbbell, flies, all manner of things really.

The Thang Part 3

Everyone pick up trash on the other side fence, every piece of trash you pick up you have to do one Merkin at the end.  Discovered that Superfly picked up Zambonis impairment of not listening to instructions. I had to tell both of them that they had to pay attention to how many items of trash they picked up. Either way, we did a lot of Merkins.

The Thang Part 4

Never ending game of PIG. each missed shot resulted in some various form of exercise. We did a lot more exercising than shooting but surprisingly, Zamboni can make some interesting shots.



Prayers for healing and discernment.

Thought for the week. The shootings in Maine were tragic, but one of the stories that came out of that was there were  men that ran towards the shooter trying to protect others. The protocol is to Run, Hide, Fight.

What are the areas of our lives that we need to run towards something to fight instead of running and hiding? Difficult conversations we’ve been putting off? Challenges at work? The discipline to stay on the diet? (that’s me)


Thanks for showing up!




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