Zamboni’s Anthill

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  • When: 11/28/2023
  • QIC: Zamboni
  • The PAX: @shock treatment, @brexit, @gekko, @tball, @sod, @poquito, @P&R, @bowzer, @beatlejuice, @precious, @goober, @bernie, @pyro, @C02, @jumanji, @hey big papi, @groundspeed, @seatdown, @pud, @sweet spot

Anthill began with warmups, and progressed to the basketball court. A Zamboni Dora ensued with hand release merkins, bear crawl, lunge walk, shoulder tap merkins, big boy setups, flutter kicks. Moved to the racquetball court for a Zamboni-Wall-Crawl in squat position. Returned to basketball court for more dora exercises including crawl bear, suicides, monkey humpers and others. Moved to pull-up bars for dips and pull-ups. Then commenced the Zamboni 4-corners with 10 burpees and 20 birth canals alternating as the pax ran around the park. After two rounds, pax lined up for a sprint, where @tball was injured. Beatdown ended in the parking lot with 10 mike Tysons, monkey humpers, and merkins. COT ended the fun. Some pax were left amazed by the leadership excellence, scratching their heads.

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