Just a couple guys doing stuff in a park. Nothing to see here.

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  • When: 2/24/2024
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: Whiff, Bowzer

It was a beautiful morning at Tallulah Park. Perfect for a beatdown.

I got there a few minutes early to pick up errant trash and what not.

There was a bonus in that Whiff, showed up 7 minutes early, so I knew that God was smiling upon us. As he hoisted his lovely Cindy out of his car he mentioned he had a workout if need be. As you will see below, we incorporated it.



A brief ¼ mile mosey around the outskirts of the park. We discussed the dead rabbit I found earlier in the week.


At center court we started what I had planned. I modified it from a fitness guy off of Facebook- Kevin Torres


Complete each of the exercises back to back, then run to the cone (50 yards out and back)


Goblet Squats



Midway thru, I realized we needed more stuff….


After that I identified 5 stations around the park.

At each station there are only 3 exercises. Merkins, Squats, Burpees

Station 1 – 1 rep each

Station 2 – 2 reps each

Blah, blah blah


Then I turned it over to Wonder Whiff for his turn. To the best of my recollection this is what we did:

30 reps each of the following:

Bent over rows: each arm

Goblet Squats

Shoulder Presses

Calf Raises (with Cindy)

Crunches ** 3 rounds going to failure each time.

Pull ups – 3 rounds with assistance to failure. (I think I knocked out…3?)

¼ mile mosey around the park. While running we discussed our 75 Hard journey and how he is getting his unit involved.


Back at the park we repeated a modified version of the Torres beat down.

The modification was instead of doing ALL the exercises together, we did 5 rounds of them individually. Much more running.


I did put an emotional headlock on a sad clown named Chris. He wondered up and was smoking a cigarette on a bench. Gave him an F3 card.


During the run portion Whiff and I discussed a multitude of topics ranging from Sad Clowns, the future of Pearl Jam, Jumanji restarting the newsletter and the upcoming 3rd annual Heisenvergence in October.


Prayers for Marquise (Whiff’s FNG), Chris and us to be better husbands!

Ended with the pledge!

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