Anthill gets Zambonied 2-27-24

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  • When: 02/27/2024
  • QIC: Zamboni
  • The PAX: Lego, Sod, Brexit, PUD, Poquito, Bernie, P&R, Shock Treatment, Sweet Spot, Gekko, Pyro, Toxic, Hyundai (Downrange), Ground Speed, Bowser, Jumanji

The beatdown began with warm-up exercises, and proceeded to the gazebo.

Pax executed 5 Burpees–10 Diamond Merkins–15 Mountain Climbers–20 Squats, and then ran a 1/5 Mile lap. Rinse and Repeat.

Pax then did a 3-man Dora: 1 did Step-ups in the Gazebo, the second at the end of the field did flutter kicks, and the third ran in between. Rinse and Repeat.

Pax proceeded to the Basketball court and participated in a 2-man Dora. One did Zambonies (5 per leg) while the partner ran to the pull-up bars for 2 or 5 pull-ups and ran back. Rinse and Repeat.

Pax then was overjoyed when Q took them to the Racquetball court for the squat-against-the-wall shuffle. After that and 3 Gekko-Burpies (do your math – 9) pax returned to the Basketball court.

Pax did suicides: First 3 Burpees. Bear Crawl to first foul line and back, Lunge to half-court and back, run the next two (far foul line and end line), then three burpees. Rinse and Repeat.

Pax ran the long loop back to the parking lot for COT.

Encouragement was given to take time to reflect (This is what the season of LENT is for)… think about what you may be carrying/doing, that you may be better without. Let go of the S$#& and be better.

Love, Zamboni.

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