The “Wish I’d Done the GATE” beatdown

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  • When: 03/02/2024
  • QIC: Tron - (RR)
  • The PAX: Updraft (RR), Heist

3 pax total (or approximately 14,997 less than the GATE River Run) in the gloomy gloom of THE FORT on a Saturday morning.  Mild temps made for some contemplation about all the GRR runners and their likely fate.  Welcome and disclaimers were made and the beatdown commenced, with a theme of “I wish I’d done the GATE”.


Big Chinooks IC

Don Quixote’s IC

Makhtar N’Diaye’s IC

Mountain Climbers OYO (10 count)




Rounds included one exercise with generally high reps, followed by either 40 yards of suicides or 100 yards (50 yds down and back) of moseying sprints.

100 merkins          Suicides

75 flutters (2 ct)    Sprint

50 Rev. Lunges     Suicides

10 Burpees            Sprint

5 Burpees              Suicides

50 BBSU                Sprint

50 Curls                 Suicides

75 Goblet Sqts      Sprint

50 OH Claps & 50 X-Factors    Suicides



Similar to THANG #1, but Different!

Sets of 2 exercises, followed by a 40 yard down-and-back (80 yard total) moseying sprint, as follows:

5 burpees & 10 merkins, then 80 yard sprint

15 V-Ups & 20 O/H Coupon press, then sprint

25 lunges & 30 coupon curls, then sprint

35 goblet or back squat w/ coupon & 40 shoulder taps, then sprint

45 LBC’s & 50 O/H Claps, then sprint

5 burpees & 10 merkins, then sprint

15 Bonnie Blairs, then final sprint or suicides


YHC called out 5k, 10k, bridge and finish mile-markers, in order to fully experience the GATE misery.  Seems like everyone wished in unison that they were somewhere other than Fort Family Park.

COT — count-o-rama, name-o-rama, announcements/prayer requests.  Thoughts were with our GRR brothers, Town Hall this Thursday, upcoming Donut Ruck, new Wednesday AO in Mandarin later this month started by our HIM Heist, and the upcoming CSAUP in-and-around the Boondocks Region (not sure that rolls off the tongue, lol).

Prayer, Pledge, and OUT.  Come join us at THE FORT, it’s truly an awesome AO.

An honor to lead, solid work today around the River City/First Coast regions, for sure.

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