Thanksgiving Past

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  • When: 11/27/17
  • QIC: Full Monte
  • The PAX: O'Steen, Dollar Bill, Seinfeld, Gambler, Gizzard, Keebler, Squeege, Harvey, Mad Hatter, Wahoo, Air Bags, Skim, Crash, McDreamy, Bada Bing, Pom Pom, Outhouse, Mr. Clean, Slash

Suffering from Thanksgiving food coma and seasacking in the ocean for a week, I have been shamefully guilted into posting this Backblast (all that to say I am a hopeless procrastinator).  I have committed however to improve and since there is some sort of poll going around, I want to see who’s on my side of the fence…

On a balmy Monday morning following Turkey Day, YHC with football on the brain from a weekend of watching his various teams get pummeled set off to see if he could get his fellow PAX to forget about football for awhile….

The Thang:

SSH – 15 in cadence
Michael Phelps – 15 in cadence
Mountain climbers – 15 in cadence
Hillbillies – 15 in cadence (we had to stop to make sure the PAX knew what In Cadence meant…in other words we “looked” like a bunch of hillbillies…right Outhouse?)
Moroccan Night Clubs – 15 in cadence
Chinooks – 15 in cadence

Mosey to football field parking lot with variety of motions
ATM’s – 20 – Alternating shoulders
15 – tempo merkins
15 – fast merkins
Mosey to football field (find a partner)
Each group will complete 100 merkins, 200 LBC’s, and 300 squats. While one PAX is doing exercise, the other PAX completes Doracides – sprint to cone 1 burpee, sprint back, sprint to next cone 2 burpees sprint back, sprint to third cone 3 burpees sprint back. Change places with partner keeping up with reps. When done plank and plank jack alternating

Everyone to sideline – 11’s– 1 merkin, run 10 LBC’s, run 2 merkins, run 9 LBC’s (always 11) OYO, when done air chairs until six is in…

Mosey back – When Q called “Spartan”, PAX stop and do 5 merkins.

NOR – had men tell us what they were thankful for…
Name any FNG’s – no FNG’s present
COT – announcements – do not forget Poseidon starting 12/9, F2 with the M’s – 12/22 , Inspiration – shared with men why it is important to be thankful, prayer dismiss

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