In The Fog

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  • When: 1/22/2018
  • QIC: Snuffy
  • The PAX: Ratchet, Bigbird

The gloom started with a fairly clear sky as 3 Pax doned their coupons for a Snuffy special. As the morning came on the the creepy fog rolled in. We worked thru each set as the Kessel Run man kept running past and taunting us, I think they were just jealous of the exquisite body’s that were flexing their curls for the girls.

The Thang

Chinook ic 20
Lbacf ic 20
Lbacb ic 20
Imp walker ic 20

21 up
Triceps 20 oyo
Squat 10 oyo
Crunch 25 counts to crunch up
Calve raises 25 ic

Curls 20 oyo
Flutter kick 10 ic
Bench press 20 oyo
Crunch 25
Calve raises 30 ic

21 down
Sumo squat 10 oyo
Seated curls 15 each arm
Bent over row 15 each arm
Calve raises 30 ic

Triceps Ext 20 oyo
Squat 20 oyo
Flutter kick 25 oyo
Seated curls 20 each arm
Bent over row 20 each arm

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