The Adventures of the F3 Savannah Shovel Flag

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  • When: 3/9/2018
  • QIC: Snuffy
  • The PAX: Snuffy

The Adventures of the F3 Savannah Shovel Flag

Narrated by: The Shovel Flag

I was born on 11/7/2015 and dedicated to the Savannah, Georgia F3 brothers. I had a wonderful life overseeing the workouts in Savannah and my greatest joy was holding Old Glory high in the air for all to see where our A/O was for any given workout. I made many trips out in the gloom to be with my brothers and to watch over them. We even did special events together! I especially enjoyed the fellowship and camaraderie of the PAX. I was well taken care of and treated with honor. Shovel Flag

One day a PAX from a different region came to work out with us as he travels to Savannah a couple of times each year, this PAX name is Snuffleapagus (Snuffy). He is a rather large PAX that doesn’t run long distances, but he still tried to do the best he could. Over time I enjoyed his visits to our town. Just recently another PAX who had previously posted in the Jacksonville region visited us, his name was Earshot. He posted a couple of times and although we didn’t really know him he was allowed to take me home with him and come back for the next workout. What we didn’t know is Earshot is somewhat of a Nomad and travels wherever the wind takes him, basically where he hangs his hat is his home.

In the middle of the night I was loaded up into Earshot’s vehicle with all of his earthly belongings and the Nomad left my home and headed for Jacksonville, he made a stop to post with the brothers in Jacksonville, but he didn’t bring me out of his vehicle and I was sad. He made his trip on down to Bradenton, Florida, a place that I have never been to. I was alone, hurt and lonely. Earshot got a wild hair and decided that he wanted to go to California. I had never heard of this place and was very scared. He contacted a friend that he had in town and sold his vehicle and all of his possessions to him for a plane ticket and a few hundred dollars and that included me. This new person’s name was Steve, he put me in his storage unit along with all his stuff, it was cold, dark and there were many different things I knew nothing about, there were chairs, furniture of all kinds, fishing rods, golf clubs and much more. I just knew that I was going to die there along with my precious flag. I spent many days locked up there.

Then one day the door to the storage unit opened and I saw sunshine again, Steve loaded me in the back of his pickup and closed the lid on me again, there I was in the dark with beach chairs, fishing rods and more golf clubs. I thought maybe I was going to be in a yard sale somewhere and was terrified by the thoughts I was having. I lost track of time and how long I was in the truck bed. Then the bed opened and the sun came in and I heard a voice that I knew, it was Snuffy, he had come to save me, he gently pulled me out of the truck along with my flag, he took pictures of me and sent them to my brothers in Savannah. Oh how I was overjoyed to see him as he put me in his comfortable car with A/C and carpet. I enjoyed the ride to the motel where we picked up his M and loaded the car for the ride back to Jacksonville.

Snuffy cleaned me off and put me with the Jacksonville shovel and the Tacmo shovel and their flags in his somewhat climate controlled garage. We fellowshipped and shared good times. Then on Saturday morning Snuffy loaded us all in his car and we went to Everbank stadium. I wasn’t really sure what was going on but found out that 17 F3 brothers were running in the Gate River Run 15K and I was going to be able to represent along with the Jacksonville and Tacmo Shovels. Oh it was glorious! Jacksonville and I both had our American Flags flying high on top and Tacmo had the F3 flag flying high. What a great day!

It is my understanding that Snuffy is going to fit me with a new device to hold my flag in place so that it will be sturdy and not move when I am running with the PAX, he even said that he is going to repair some of my damages and give me a new coat of clear to protect me and then I will be going home to my Savannah brothers. With all of this said I hold no ill feelings toward my family, I know that it was an honest mistake and one that will not happen again.

-Your beloved F3 Savannah Shovel Flag

Shovel Flag

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