“Corner2Corner” Playlist + Sandbags + Easter Egg

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  • When: 03/12/18
  • QIC: Twister
  • The PAX: Toxic, Jumanji, Heisenberg

“Did he bring them?” was the first thing I heard as I pulled up to Genesis parking lot at 5:29am. #QCantBeLate Sandbags

Of course I brought them. Primarily because I never took the time to remove them from my last Q. #WhoKnew

#Sandbags #MansBestFriend (the first person to say “Sandbags are a man’s best friend” before Sunday, March 18 will receive a 10 burpee donation from me at current bootcamp).

PAX present: Toxic, Jumanji, Heisenberg, and Twister.

“Secure your sandbag ‘coupon’ and mosey with me,” I said as we ran to corner #1 of the football field at Baymeadows/9A park. I pressed ‘play’ on my iPhone connected to the BlueTooth speaker and “Howling for You” by the Black Keys kicked off our Boot Camp Workout.

Circle of Pain #1 commenced:

Circle of Pain #2:

Circle of Pain #3: 

  • Pull Ups x10 OYO
  • Secure sandbag and run to corner #3 of football field
  • Raise the Roof x100 OYO;  notable song – “It’s the End of the World as We Know It.” REM
  • American Hammer x50 OYO
  • Side Straddle Hops x50 OYO
  • Take a lap around the race barrels in the middle of the field; notable song – “Ants Marching” DMB
  • Jumping Knee Tucks x20 OYO
  • Secure sandbag and run to corner #4 of football field

Circle of Pain #4:


  • Count-o-rama: 4
  • Name-o-rama: Toxic “Double Respect” – Heisenberg – Jumanji – Twister
  • Word of Day: “Mean Mean Stride” ala Rush (Tom Sawyer) and Freed to Lead (pg82-86); Men who are savvy leaders are needed today. Where can you be a wise and savvy leader today?
  • Prayer.
  • “Two fist bumps, high fives, or handshakes before you leave.”

We walked to our cars with “Summer Wind” by Frank Sinatra playing us home… (consider it was warmer this morning than it was the rest of the day).

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