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  • When: 03/13/2018
  • QIC: BigBird
  • The PAX: Snuffy, Farah and Farah, Synapse, LIFO, Drone, Kenwood, Heisenberg, PUD, Septum

10 Pax posted for a surprisingly chilly March beatdown at Anthill. As this point winter is just like an angry significant other that keeps leaving during a fight then coming back and saying, “One more thing!.” I for one cannot wait for it to be 75 in the gloom with 100% humidity. As YHC exited my vehicle I noticed a head lamp bobbling my way. I thought to myself, “Wow Feud looks different. He’s taller, his running form is different, and somehow he ran all the way from his vacation to join us!” Lo and behold it was not Feud but our brother Kenwood visiting us all the way from Lexington, SC. After some comments about YHC’s lack of warm clothes do to laziness, we headed for the field. Millennial


SSH x 10 IC


The Thang

Colonel Trautman: Partner up. Partner 1 runs about 20 yards to the pull-up bars and performs 3 pull-ups. Partner 2 does 5 fingertip merkins (or 10 regular merkins) and holds a plank waiting for their partner return. The partners then switch off. AMRAP for 5 minutes. The name is a reference to Rambo. The significance of this reference was lost on the Pax. 

Bolt 45: This entire exercise is OYO. Perform 15 squats only going down halfway. Perform 15 squats from halfway all the way down. Perform 15 full squats. This exercise was name for Usain Bolt. We also did not understand this corolation. 

The Millennial: This exercise was to be the meat of our beatdown. Being one of F3 Jacksonville’s resident bearded millennials I felt compelled to do this exercise when I saw it in the Exicon. I also felt compelled to explain that most millennials are pushing 30 so please stop blaming us for eating Tide Pods. You go talk to Generation Z about that crap. 

Here’s how it goes: Partner back up. There will be 10 exercises called. We will do 100 reps OYO of each exercise. After each exercise we will run 100m. If you add that up that’s a total of 2000 reps and 2000m for each team. You are responsible for all 100 reps of each exercise, your partner is simply there for encouragement and to run your lap with you. The exercises were: 1. SSH 2. Lunges (count each leg) 3. Merkins 4. LBCs 5. Mtn. Climbers (count 1 leg) 6. Flutter Kicks (count 1 leg) 7. Raise the Roof 8. Squats 9. Pretzel Crunches (50 per side) 10. Burpees (we ran out of time on burpees but all pushed through till the end)


-Heisenberg’s aunt and uncle battling cancer. 

-PUD going to California.

-YHC wrist surgery April 6. 


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