Badlands classic rock workout in the rain

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  • When: 03/19/18
  • QIC: Check Please!!
  • The PAX: Mr. Clean (Respect), McDreamy (Respect), Pom Pom,Seinfeld,Yardsale,Dollar Bill,Inside Out,Schemp,Harvey,Squeege (Respect), Mr. Freeze (Respect), Air bags (Respect), Bullwinkle, Outhouse, Gambler, Zamboni (Respect), Sandcrab (Respect), Pixar (FNG)

Q was up half the night as Seinfeld was in my head. Last week he opened his Q talking about how everyone says you will be up all night before your VQ going over and analyzing the next days workout. Well this was my second Q but somehow he was in my head and I was up half the night anyway. So I decided to add a little classic rock to the workout to try and keep things upbeat.  It also served as something else the PAX could listen to to keep their mind off all the running and merkins etc.


Started the workout in COT and asked if any FNG’s joining us, there was 1 and explained what F3 stands for and to try and follow along with the PAX next to him. First exercise was side straddle hop, then Michael Phelps, little baby arm circles forwards and backwards, flutter kicks, tempo merkins, and finally something I made up called the “50 pound round the world carry”. This consisted of every PAX member carrying 2, 25 lb dumbbells around the COT while everyone else stayed in plank position. Didn’t exactly count the full amount of time we all held plank, but was proud of the way the PAX alternated between different plank positions to hold form.

The Thang

Now onto the main part of the workout. Mosey to football field with one stop to do 5 burpees, 10 merkins, and 15 squats. Not entirely sure of exact number of reps as I didn’t write anything down. Continue mosey to field to do mucho chesto suicide runs. 3 cones set up and ran from line to each cone and back performing reps of 10 merkins at each cone for total of 50 merkins. Within those 50 reps we did standard merkins, wide stance merkins, Diamond merkins, and 2 sets of staggered merkins. Because that was so much fun did same thing except did 10 reps of squats, iron mikes, bobby hurley, LBC’s, and burpees. Next the PAX performed a slew of exercises OYO starting with hello dollys, burpees, LBC’s, running to the far cone and back twice, bear crawling to first cone and performing 10 merkins and bear crawling back to do another 10 merkins, and finally lunges to first cone with 10 burpees and lunges back with another 10 burpees.

In all honesty the Q thought all this would take up the 45 minutes allotted but the Badlanders are no joke with their fitness and endurance and were ready for more. So at this point the Q just started making stuff up to keep the heart rate going. Decided to mosey back to COT and Q chose PAX at random to pick numbers between 10 and 20 for rep count. The PAX performed merkins, squats, burpees, pickle pounders, LBC’s, and monkey humpers. During this time the Q thought God was smiling down on us and decided to shower us with some rain just to let us know he was watching. With about 2 minutes left McDreamy shouted out he was in the mood for a Guantanamo, so all PAX performed and it was a perfect ending to Monday morning workout.


Closed with count o rama, name o rama, announcements about upcoming first Friday happy hour gathering, prayer requests, and naming our new FNG. Welcome Pixar to the F3 Jacksonville family!! Finished with a prayer from the Q.

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