1st Day of Spring

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  • When: 03/20/2018
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Big Bird, Feud, Mathlete, LIFO, Farrah & Farrah, Flounder

The gloom didn’t keep the Superior Seven from Posting today… Pax were left questioning where the rest of their F3 brothers were today. Was it the rain in the forecast? Was it a failed alarm clock? Was it the cursed snooze button? Or was it absolute fear of a PUD beatdown? Spring

CONDITIONS: Gloomy, mid 60’s w a slight drizzle


* 31 LBAC’s forward (Why 31? Why not)
* 31 LBAC’s backwards
* 31 Moroccan Nightclubs
* 10 Big arm circles forward
* 31 SSH’s
* 11 Don Quixote (otherwise known as “ducky hotels” with voice dictation)
* 15 Reachers


Line up at Lamppost, run to sidewalk, knock out 50 Merkins, Run back to knock out 50 crunches… Plank for the 6. Rinse & Repeat until 4 rounds are done! Feeling good after our 200 Merkins & 200 Crunches, we moved onto the next step…


* From gazebo, bear crawl to pull up bars and partner up.
* Take the birth date of your partner and combined with yours for the total number of pull-ups. Example Mathlate was born on the 29th I was born on the 15th so we each did 44 pull-ups.
* Change partners and do the same thing with an underhand grip. This was supposed to be easier but after the Arm Circles, Merkins and Pull Ups the underhand pull ups proved to be a challenge.
* Take a lap around the park come back for 10 more pull-ups
* Take a lap around the park come back for five more pull-ups


Finished out with 5 minutes of stretching. Comments were made that none of us stretch enough.


Bird Birds wrist / pending Surgery; Snuffy HR stuff; Flounders friend, 51 had a Heart attack, prayers for healing & recovery if it’s God’s will; PUD’s M & 2.0 – traveling to NY for the week; F&F’s tweaked shoulder; all other unspoken or forgotten by Q.


Nothing is so beautiful as an F3 spring beatdown —
When weeds flourish and ants are active;
The birds are chirping and the breeze is blowing through the echoing timber as if music to our ears.
The Great Sky Q blesses us with descending drops to cool us down and our eyes see his glory with each strike of lightning & we hear Him sing with each clap of thunder;
With richness; the racing Pax greet the gloom with smiles & a spring in their step!
What is all this juice and all this joy?
Where does the stamina come from that propels the Pax across the field with such glee?
Regular, consistent posting with his F3 Brothers is the answer for thee!


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