Spartan Teaser

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  • When: 04/09/2018
  • QIC: Full Monty
  • The PAX: Osteen, Airbags(respect), Squeege (Respect), Dollar Bill, Outhouse, Mr. Freeze, Inside Out, Yard Sale, Zamboni (Respect), Bullwinkle, Kramer, Seinfeld, Check Please, Rimshot, Sand Crab (respect), Stitch, Pom Pom

YHC arrived just ahead of Squeege to plant the flag and stretch out.  It looked as if PAX was already spent when they arrived but it was Monday in the gloom so we decide to get started anyway. Spartan Teaser


15 – SSH
15 – Michael Phelps
15 – Chinooks
15 – Hillbillies
15 – Reachers
15 – Little Baby arm circles forward
15 – Little Baby arm circles backward

The Thang (Spartan Teaser)

Mosey to the church – switch up stride, bear crawl Davis Park road

Once we arrived at the church I explained how the buckets were to be our friend on this day.  Never let it down or never leave it behind.

All PAX find a bucket, pick it up and bring to back of church.

Count off by 3’s.

1s carry bucket past pull up station, set down, 10 burpees. Continue with mosey into parking lot, set down 10 burpees. Continue to back to pull up station and 10 burpees.

2s double up on tires. Flip tires to cones and back. Once back 50 LBC’s and 25 squats. Rinse and repeat.

3s  Run to the pull up station and AMRAP then plank until bar is open then AMRAP. Keep rotation until the group moves to next activity.

1’s, 2’s and 3’s switch.

Once all groups hit every station then mosey back to the sidewalk in front of church for Rocky Balboa’s.  On our way I inquired about the time and received many an answer of 6:15!  To that we set our buckets down and did 15 burpees for the mis-information, one for every minute wrong. Then a set of decline merkins and finally a mosey to put our friends back.

Mosey back to Davis Park anyway possible except straight mosey with another bear crawl across Davis Park. 50 yards before the flagpole the QIC called for an AYG to the pole.

Circle up
Flutter kicks – in cadence
Mountain climbers – in cadence

Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama, COT, BOM


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