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  • When: 04/12/18
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: D-Nice, Whiff, Toxic (double respect), Xenu (respect), Pud, Drone, SOC, Heisenberg, Dr. Okie, Octagon, Big Bird, Seatdown, Crop Duster, Ratchet, LIFO, Feud

YHC knew he had an upcoming Q, but had not thought about what exactly he was going to have the PAX do on this fateful gloom. Then at Anthill, Xenu mentions that YHC tends to add some sort of lesson to his Q’s, which reminded him hearing about Sunday being the anniversary of when Hank Aaron breaking the Babe’s HR record of 714. This may be more trivial versus educational, but hey, it works. So YHC pulled one of his old beatdowns out (after all, it is BOHICA), made a couple of enhancements, and we moseyed out to the Field of Dreams. No Lollygaggers


• SSH x 44 IC (Hank Aaron’s jersey number)
• Cotton Pickers x10 IC
• Don Quixote x10 IC
• LBAC forward/backwards x15 IC
• BAC backwards/forwards x15 IC
• Squats x10 IC
• Train honoring Burpees x10 OYO

The Thang

The Ricky Henderson:
• PAX lines up on cone, takes 2 side lunges, 5 squats, then waits in air chair
• Q calls “back”, PAX slides back to original line
• Q calls “go”, PAX runs across field to 2nd cone
• Several rounds until YHC felt PAX had enough

HIIT Baseball Diamond:  
• 10 burpees at home -> sprint to 1st Base-> sumo squats x 20, merkins x 20 -> jog back to home, repeat but sprint to 2nd base, then 3rd base. Last sprint is all away around diamond to home.

Junior (or is the Canseco)- You Want Me On That Wall, You Need Me On That Wall:
• Mosey to the racquetball court and line up on the baseline
• PAX ran to the wall and jumped to touch the highest point on the wall that they could
• 10 rounds

10 more burpees OYO to honor train #2

Field of Dreams: PAX counted off by 4’s then moseyed to their prescribed base back on the field. Each PAX performs prescribed exercises until relieved. Cycle continues until each team returns to their original base.
• First Base: AMRAP groiners, once relieved run to Cone 2
• Second Base: AMRAP Makhtar N’Diayes, once relieved run to Cone 3
• Third Base: AMRAP mountain climbers, once relieved run to Cone 4
• Home Plate: 10 Burpees then run to cone 1 to relieve PAX there

10 more burpees OYO for late arriving Octagon

Little bit of Mary:
• Flutter kicks x14 reps IC of consecutive division titles by the Atlanta Braves from 1991-2005)
• American Hammers x44 reps OYO


Pledge Allegiance- meant to start with this, but it slipped my mind.

YHC is currently reading a book (yes I do read, just very slowly) by Gary Thomas called Sacred Marriage. I came across one point that the author was making that reminded me of the struggles we share in the COT/BOM. In the book, the author spoke of how those who need grace, may have difficulty in extending grace.

The key to discipline of fellowship is understanding this fundamental reality: All of us face struggles, and each one of us is currently facing a struggle that we’re having less than 100% success overcoming. If we’re married, the fact is we’re also married to someone who is failing in some way.
We can respond to bitter juice by becoming bitter people, or we can use it as spiritual discipline and transform its exercise into the honey of a holy life. In this fallen world, struggles, sin, and unfaithfulness are a given. The only question is whether our reposne to these struggles, sin, and unfaithfulness will draw us closer to God- or whether it will estrange us from ourselves, our Creator, and each other.
We have a choice: Will we initiate forgiveness and resolve to overcome every obstacle? Or will we run away? In other words, will we fall forward, or will we fall away?” Sacred Marriage, Gary Thomas

Announcements/Prayer Requests
• Big Bird- praise reports for successful surgery, for good performance review and potential promotion
• 2nd F luncheon at The Loop in the Town Center
• Drone’s 28th Birthday tomorrow (Friday the 13th)
• Prayers for Nair for God’s guidance for future opportunities
• Return of Big Wheel, meet at Friendship Fountain 5:30 AM
• F3 Jacksonville 3rd Anniversary Convergence- Saturday, April 21st 7 AM at Genesis
• Lord’s Prayer

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