Mindful Movement

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  • When: 04/25/2018
  • QIC: Bada Bing
  • The PAX: Sandcrab (respect), Full Monty (respect), Outhouse, Yard Sale, Inside Out, FNG-Ruffie, Squeege (respect), Airbags (respect), Depends (respect)

10 HIM’s of the Badlands assembled on a breezy and cool April morning to sharpen iron, enjoy some Broga and Fellowship. As the appointed hour drew near YHC was particularly glad to see that 9 other PAX were as excited as me to post this morning. Today was about mindfulness…mindful thinking, mindful actions and mindful words…not clearing the mind, but taking mindful action in your Concentrica (The circular rings formed by a man’s most Proximate relationships). Taking a look around the circle as we gathered, I noticed we had a solid mix of  “Approaching Respect”, “Respect” and “Almost Double Respect” PAX. An awesome group of HIM’s. One FNG present who happened to also be the son of one of our most respected and loyal PAX, Squeege. Yes he would have a lot to live up to in the running and screaming department but we were confident he would do just fine — Mummblechatter begins about potential nicknames like Sponge, Daniel Son, etc. YHC cranks up his Epic Spartan playlist, Bug spray was applied, quick disclaimer provided and we got started.   

Men fight battles of different types but typically they boil down to Mental, Physical, and Spiritual battles. And most men feel as though they have to fight them alone, not knowing that every man has theses battles. We are very fortunate to have the Shield Lock and Accountability of each other. And are able to in trust upon others in our time of sorrow and as well our time of joy. That’s what life is about. The battle and the victory. I am honored to be running the Spartan Race with you men, but more honored to be running the race of life with my F3 brothers.

The Warmup

  • Mountain Pose + Side Stretches + Shoulder Stretches + Triceps stretches
  • Trunk Twists IC 
  • Limp Member Forward Fold
  • SSHs (First 5 IC…YHC wanted to see if PAX could keep cadence for last 10 –10 Burpee consequence if cadence broke –PAX executed flawlessly)
  • Deep Seated Broga Squat Hold
  • YTAs (count on middle clap – Basically make a Y + T +A with arms)
  • Reachers IC
  • Pyramid Poses
  • Goofballs IC (this is always a fun one for the PAX)
  • Side Lunge + Pulses
  • Down Dog (hold) + Calf Stretch + Mobility Rocks
  • Werewolf’s OYO
  • Pec /Shoulder Stretches
  • 90 degree Merkins
  • Childs Pose + Shoulder stretch
  • Seated Forward Fold (low back stretch)
  • Seated Single Leg Twists (both sides)
  • 6 Inch Killers (One PAX to remain nameless said he was also known as “the six inch killer” –extreme belly laughter by all PAX)
  • Reverse Table Tops (x3)
  • Superman Pull-ups IC
  • Down Dog + Three leg dog right and left

The Thang

(x3) Vinyasa Flows >> Mountains >> Forward Fold >> Halfway Lift with Flat Back >> Jump to High Plank >> Low Plank >> Upward Dog >> Downward Dog

Chair Sequence Flows >> Chair Poses >> Pulses >> Twists (Left and Right sides)

Lunge Sequence Right: Low Lunge (both sides) >> Crescent Lunge Warrior Pulses (5 on each leg) >> Twisting Low Lunge (both sides) + Prayer Low Lunge

Lunge Sequence Left: Low Lunge (both sides) >> Crescent Lunge Warrior Pulses (5 on each leg) >> Twisting Low Lunge (both sides) + Prayer Low Lunge

Vinyasa Sequence Right: Warrior 1 >> Warrior 2 Side >> Reverse Warrior >> Extended Side Angle >> Reverse Warrior >> Triangle Pose 

Vinyasa Sequence Left: Warrior 1 >> Warrior 2 Side >> Reverse Warrior >> Extended Side Angle >> Reverse Warrior >> Triangle Pose

End Stretches

  • Knees to chest
  • Supine Twists (both sides)
  • Twisted Dead Deer (both sides)
  • Pigeons (both sides)

Headstand Practice


Welcome FNG – Ruffie (pronounced Roof-ee) 

YHC finished with the disclaimer that we are not affiliated with any specific religion but that I was a Christian and would be giving the Turkey Punch based on that.

Mindful Living…Some/ALL guys out there needs this…Need F3. This will change some guys life if you get outside of yourself and EH them.

Colossians 4: 5-6 Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders, make the most of every opportunity.  Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone

Every opportunity we meet someone new is an opportunity to make an impression on them.  Will our actions and words match what we would want that person to think?  Are we putting our best foot forward to live Christ centered. Set ego aside and let HIM shine through.

Prayer requests – Wranglers Dad, Spartan Race & injuries to heal, Kotters who we need to get back to F3

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