Salute Our Troops

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  • When: 04/30/18
  • QIC: Yard Sale
  • The PAX: Slash (respect), Check Please, McDreamy (respect), Dollar Bill, Inside Out, Airbags (respect), Bullwinkle, Rimshot, Outhouse, Snookie, Dr. Phil, Bada Bing, Sand Crab (respect), Mr. Yuck


15 Strong Pax fought their way out of the fartsack to come honor the troops, get dirty, and support the VQ. It was a perfect gloom, 66 degrees and breezy.  Some veterans were understandably absent, nursing wounds from the recent Spartan battle, yet several Spartan soldiers burst through the gloom to continue the fight this Monday morning.  Prayers for a speedy recovery for Zamboni and other wounded.  We were all excited to see some previously AWOL Pax found their way back to camp. 

VQ had 3 hours sleep due to propaganda blaring on loudspeaker until 1AM (daughter home from college binge watching American Idol).  F3 is the ultimate motivator though, and YHC successfully exfiltrated from fartsack… one small victory.

The Warmorama

We started the vibe with some classic Vietnam era rock from the Animals, Buffalo Springfield, and CCR, as we eased through the warmups consisting of:

  • 10 Windmills
  • 10 Reachers
  • 10 Side Straddle Hops
  • 15 Little Baby Arm Circles (forward/reverse)
  • Lower Back Stretch

The Thang-  “Call to Battle”

Following the Call to Battle trumpets, we mosied to the baseball field to the Marine Theme Song, planted Shovel Flag, and began Bear Crawl Ring of Fire.  After circling the bear several times, each soldier did 10 mercans with loud count around the clock, while the rest planked.  Good shoulder work.  Unit stayed in perfect formation throughout, so no penalties incurred.

Navy called with Anchors Aweigh, so we mosied to concession stand for Air Raid Drill, breaking into two groups.  First group started when Air Raid sirens blasted.  They ran to fence, jumped fence, did tumble roll, ran to home plate and back.  Second group did praying squats and side lunges.  Switch.

Sounds of Into the Wild Blue Yonder then lured us over to the U.S. Air Force for more drills.  Split back into two groups.  It was time for Escalator Drill.  Just like our jets, the Escalator goes higher and higher:

  • On Deck:  10 Bobby Hurleys
  • Base 1:  20 burpees
  • Base 2:  30 mercans
  • Base 3:  40 squats
  • Base 4:  50 lunges

Group 2 started.  Group 1 did LBCs while waiting for Group 2 to clear Base 1.  Group 2 did LBCs while waiting for Group 1 to finish.  After all Pax returned home without casualties, we lined up in formation and did 50 lunges to right field.

Army’s turn…  More enemy bombers and gunners arrived on both flanks, so we found cover Army crawling into the Tunnel of Love, successfully completing our mission after two full borings.  Although tunnel was a little crooked, it sufficed.  Note: Mental acuity during stress needs to be sharpened.

Jumped fence and mosied to Flagpole while listening to The Ride of the Valkyries.  Love the smell of napalm in the morning!

  • Formed Circle of Trust
  • Count-o-rama confirmed no losses
  • Name-o-rama

Final Thoughts:

BE BOLD!  Constantly fight back against human nature to “stay safe and do nothing”.  Push forward with intention every day.  Reach out to others and make a positive impact.  Put the pack before yourself.  Self sacrifice for the greater good, like our troops do every day.  Push the boundaries of your physical and spiritual life.  We offered prayers for the wounded and broken, and invited the Great Q in the Sky to fill our hearts and help us grow stronger every day.

Another victorious day for the Badlanders!


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