Carry Me Please!

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  • When: 05/03/18
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: SOC, Jumanji, Drone, BigBird, Seatdown, PUD, CropDuster, Feud, LIFO, Pyro, Boucher

12 PAX posted for a BOHICA beatdown.  YHC sent out a roll call and might have scared off a few.

Conditions: Perf

Core Value of the Month? Glad you asked!

Next Man IN/UP! Based on Romans 15:1

Now we that are strong, we have the duty to bear the weaknesses of others and not seek our own pleasure.

We must EH that next man that needs to join the PAX and pick up the spear/shield.


No one knew the core value, and BigBird forgot Old Glory so we did a Slaughter Starter for our punishment.

All IC x15

Michael Phelps


Indian Run to Heartbreak Hotel

Once at the top, we separated into 3 groups of 4

Each group went to 1 of 4 staircases

1 PAX runs down and up the stairs while the rest perform a minimum of 20 reps.

Then carry one brother to the next staircase, repeat. (All PAX had to help carry)

Round 1-Hand release Merkins

Round 2-Leg Lifts

Had other rounds planned but time didn’t afford.

Red Rover-Monkey Style

PAX was divided in two groups of 6.  Facing each group from across the parking garage.  All performing Monkey Humpers while 1 PAX sprints from one side to another thereby releasing the next PAX to run to the other side.  Real crowdpleaser to watch the big boys get up a full head of steam.

Out of nowhere, the distant sound of a train horn sent panic throughout the group as we are on th North side of the tracks.  “Jailbreak to the other side!”  When all were accounted for, the crossing arms came down as the six crossed the track.

Birth canal was called until the train passed us by.  Mercifully, it was just the locomotive!

Indian run to the AO.


Lazy Hillbillies on both sides

Swiper Merkins 5 OYO


Its great to be strong and get better but it’s not for our own benefit. Find your purpose to serve, lead, and love those in your circle.

Prayers for Drone and Courtney.  Peace, wisdom, comfort.




PS. Free coffee for shouting “Boomshakalaka” at coffeeteria at the next AO


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