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Special shout out to Mr Woodchuck for making this so much “better” A TRIPLE D this am!!!!!!! Sounded good at first. We ran from my clubhouse to Genesis, did the beatdown and ran back. 6 miles total.  Nice. 5 Pax joined the Gloomidity on this fine start of the week to get better.  Some new […]

March Mania?

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4 PAX got better at Bracketology and breaking down the seeds at #genesis with a little 1-16 matchups. (Adapted from F3-Princeton) Conditions: 55 and humid only bc of the mist Warm-o-Rama all, IC SSH Reacher Don Quixote LBAC f/b Cherry Pickers Moroccan Night Clubs The Thang: 6 Pack to start because you will probably indulge […]

Fiddy Dash

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  5 PAX started their week off with some fun in the parking lot under the ONE Street lamp working at GENESIS. Warm-o-Rama all IC x10 ish Michael Phelps Reacher Hillbillies 10 Burpess for not knowing the Mission statement of F3. Toxic’s answer was hilarious. Thang: Parking lot work – Each exercise was a 60 […]

Sweat Street

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4 Pax joined the gloom looking for some direction after a great convergence on Saturday.  There were some grumbling of soreness but, well you know, TOXIC. Conditions: B…E…A…Utiful! Warm Up All ICx10 LBAC F/B Don Quixote Reacher Leg Pendulum L/R Karaoke down and back the “street” The Thang (modified from a F3 Tally Beatdown) Part […]

Be Prepared, For Whatever!

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YHC, has a QSource mentality and just reviewed “Preparedness” so we are going to put that in action today. Conditions: Florida Winter=Perf! Warm-o-Rama All IC x15 Goofballs Michael Phelps Hillbillies Reacher Little Baby Arm Circles Forward   The Thang: Always be prepared is a motto for so many organizations and clubs but are we truly […]

He ain’t heavy….

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He’s my brother.  The man next to you might not be carrying heavy things in his hands, but he is weighed down. Life has got him. He’s slower than he used to be, less agile, less energetic.  Asking for help seems to be a sign of weakness.  So we ask him directly. Conditions: FL 70 […]

Get Better Wetter

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Conditions: Wet-Raining=Fun Nice day for a workout, right? The Thang: Mosey to the Library covering for some togetherness through warm-o-Rama All IC x 15 Chinooks Moroccan Night Club Reachers Mosey top Heartbreak Hotel Indian Run. Stopped at the corner for the six with some LBC’s x20 Carried on to the top level of the deck […]

The Sucky Horseshoe

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Gentlemen, and Jumanji. Well, its been a long time since we visited the “shoe.”  This isn’t the same version but then again, we’re not the same either. Conditions: Sucky Jumanji’s attitude: Pretty Good Beatdown: Sucky Warm-o-Rama The Thang Sucky Horseshoe All exercises x25 adding a new one after each round. The round is complete after […]